Sonic For Hire: Scribblenauts is the sixth episode of the fourth season of the Sonic For Hire series and is the forty-fifth episode overall. In this episode, Maxwell hires Sonic to help him obtain a Starite, but Sonic tries to create a way out of his horrible life by using the power of the notebook.


Sonic arrives in the world of Scribblenauts, asking if Maxwell needs help. The boy just needs him to help create something to grab a nearby Starite. Sonic is confused by what Maxwell means to create. Maxwell states that any word written in his magic notebook comes to life, demonstrated when he creates an elephant out of thin air. Sonic is amazed and wants to try this for himself. He pretends to write "food" but actually types in "tits". This actually creates a pair of disembodied boobs. Sonic then pretends to write "more food", but again writes "huge tits", causing an even bigger pair of boobs to appear. Maxwell protests that he still needs the starite. Sonic invites Soniqua to write something as well, and she writes "avocado tits", which indeed appear. As Maxwell regrets hiring him, Sonic gets the idea to write "happiness". What is summoned happens to be a mountain of crack and pornography. Maxwell notes this as depressing as Sonic moans at how Tails is better than him now. This rant gives Sonic an idea: to use the power of the notebook and make himself rich. He writes "one million coins", but changes it to "rings" when Maxwell corrects him. The notebook takes this change to literally and summons a mountain of onion rings. Sonic expresses frustration at this, ultimately writing "gun" in the notebook. Sonic then runs off to use his new gun to rob a gas station. When Sonic and Soniqua are out of view, the elephant from earlier asks Maxwell if he is going to share the crack.

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