Sonic For Hire: Shadow is the eleventh episode of the fifth season of the Sonic For Hire series and is the sixty-third episode overall. In this episode, Shadow visits Sonic and co. on the Great Fox while on the lam from the space police.


Sonic was just finishing up a joke about a "Montreal Meatpie" seeing as he is fed up with space and likes scouring the internet for weird stuff when the doorbell they didn't even know they had rings. Sonic opens the door and Shadow walks in carrying a gigantic sack marked "Stolen Shit", asking (in a very rushed manner) if he can stay with them for the time being. Sonic and Tails are inevitably clued in that Shadow has been doing "illegal shit" what with his big sack and the hordes of space cops. Shadow admits that he may or may not have stolen 2 TVs, an Xbox 360, Tons of beer and weed, and some chaos emeralds. Unlike Tails, Sonic is immediately drawn to the Xbox, but couldn't care less about the chaos emeralds. With space cops inching in closer by the second threatening them with violence and Eggman being unnecessarily descriptive of needing to take a dump, Tails devises a master plan:

  1. Sonic uses the emeralds to become Super Sonic
  2. Sonic blows up the space cops
  3. Sonic flies the group back to earth
  4. Sonic revives Mario
  5. Mario uses his mafia ties to sell the weed
  6. The group gets rich

However, in the time he took to explain it, Sonic had already used the emeralds to set up the Xbox and shadow got shot in the spine by the space cops. We end with Sonic repeating the exact same meatpie joke.

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