Shadow the Hedgehog is an extraneous character who doesn't deserve his own wiki page.


Shadow rung the bell of Sonic's spaceship and he got let in by him. He then thought that Shadow was doing illigal things again. Tails conformed this when he asked why the Space Police was outside and why he had a bag with "illigal shit". Shadow emptied the bag and many plasma screen TV's, weed and an Xbox 360 came out and he also stole the Chaos Emeralds. While Tails was thinking about a plan to become rich again, Sonic had turned into Super Sonic to connect the Xbox while Shadow was shot in his spine by the cops.


  • Shadow's arms and belly are peach colored and his shoes are not the same to his game counterpart because the sprite that was use in the episode "Shadow" was an edited version of Sonic's sprite from the game Sonic 2.
  • Because he was shot in the spine, many of the fans assume he survived.