Here is a list of all ninety-one Sonic For Hire episodes consisting of seven seasons. Each season consists of thirteen episodes.

Season 1

Season 1 started in Feburary 13, 2011 and concluded on May 8, 2011. The plot of this season focuses on Tails finding jobs for Sonic so he can support himself. This is one of the few seasons without focuses. This is also the only season without story arcs.

Ep No# Season Ep No# Image Name Summary Release Date
1 1 New Bitmap Image Paperboy Sonic needs to find a job to pay the rent and becomes a paperboy. February 13, 2011

Wild animals in a house.
Coke in a Dreamcast stock.
Anything to do for money.

Say hello to Sonic, a washed-up hedgehog kicked out of work!

2 2 Super drunk punch Punch Drunk Sonic becomes a boxer, and things don't go too good. February 20, 2011
Becoming a boxer sucks.
3 3 Toe Jam &Earl Toe Jam & Earl Sonic dreams about working for Toe Jam & Earl while attacking people. February 27, 2011
Sonic's dream is a robber's worst nightmare.
4 4 Robotnik preview Robotnik Sonic gets hired to clean Eggman's toilet. March 6, 2011
Sonic gets some new direction from an old-school enemy.
5 5 Street fighter preview Street Fighter Sonic and Tails become announcers for a Street Fighter tournament, and Eggman gets some revenge. March 13, 2011
Eggman is back!
6 6 Earth worm jim preview Earthworm Jim Jim hires Sonic to watch over his suit while he's out, but things go wrong. March 20, 2011
Sonic tries to take Earthworm Jim's suit away from him.
7 7 Burger time preview Burger Time Sonic gets hired by Knuckles to work at his restaurant and makes some food for Eggman. March 27, 2011
Sonic fries some food that Eggman buys.
8 8 Oregon trail preview Oregon Trail Sonic has to help a family of three get accross the country, but they're apparently dysfunctional. April 3, 2011
Sonic helps a family get across a country.
9 9 Metroid preview Metroid Sonic gets hired by Mother Brain to be with her for the weekend, and the two days end with a ugly surprise for Sonic. April 10, 2011
Sonic hangs out with some disgusting brain monster.
10 10 Kirby Kirby Sonic is sent to help Kirby kill his enemies, but he soon finds out a disturbing truth. April 17, 2011
Sonic murders some friendly wittle monsters.
11 11 Photo-6 Tetris Eggman and Jim get revenge on Sonic for what he did to them in the past episodes. April 24, 2011
Earthworm Jim is back and teams up with Eggman!
12 12 Golden Axe Preview Golden Axe Sonic gets hired to help Gilius Thunderhead and Tyris Flare. May 1, 2011
In the forest, Sonic is still broke.
13 13 Kid Icarus preview Kid Icarus Sonic runs into Pit who has just been turned into an eggplant. May 8, 2011
Sonic and Pit are the original Classic Couple. Well, not really, but Pit is super annoying.

Season 2

Season 2 started on June 26, 2011 and concluded on September 18, 2011. Because of the fact that Tails was in the hospital, Sonic now has to find jobs on his own. He pretty soon finds himself working for Mario, the number one crime boss in the world.

Ep No# Season Ep No# Image Name Summary Release Date
14 1 ExciteBike preview ExciteBike After being turned back to normal in the hospital, Sonic replaces an injured ExciteBiker in a race. June 26, 2011
Sonic is back to normal. Now he has time to do anything for a rent.
15 2 Dig dug preview Dig Dug Taizo Hori hires Sonic to help him kill the monsters, but Sonic thinks that he's just like Kirby. July 3, 2011
Sonic tries to kill the retarded monsters underground.
16 3 Pacman preview PacMan After being "fired" by Pacman, Sonic helps the four ghosts defeat him in order to get revenge. July 10, 2011
Sonic and the Ghost Gang defeat Pac-Man for backing off.
17 4 Bomberman preview Bomberman Sonic tries to murder his daughter Soniqua, but instead, he makes a new friend... July 17, 2011
Sonic and Soniqua became friends thanks to her being a piggy.
18 5 Mortal Kombat preview Mortal Kombat Sonic gets hired to "help a special needs kid" who turns out to be a nightmarish, retarded monster from another dimension. July 24, 2011
Sonic helps Soniqua who turns out to be a beast.
19 6 Ice Hockey preview Ice Hockey Sonic becomes a member of a Russian Ice Hockey team who he murders along with their opponents, and he is locked up for his crime and needs to go to "alternative" sources to get himself out. July 31, 2011
Being in jail is not fun.
20 7 Toad preview Toad In his first job from Mario, Sonic finds and kills Toad who has been having an intimate relationship with his "Bird Girlfriend" Birdo August 7, 2011
Sonic does his jobs whether he does or fucks up.
21 8 Angry Bird preview Angry Birds Sonic's next objective is to kill the Angry Birds when Mario says that they're getting too popular for his taste. August 14, 2011
Mario hires Sonic to go on a bird hunt.
22 9 Double Dragon preview Double Dragon Mario's next objective for Sonic is to help his goons defeat Billy Lee and Jimmy Lee, but Sonic's plan doesn't seem to work. August 21, 2011
Sonic tries to kill the brothers, but instead of doing that, he gives Earthworm Jim's suit to him.
23 10 Photo-4 Frogger Sonic and Luigi attempt to kill Frogger, but things go wrong. August 28, 2011
Sonic and Luigi try to kill a frog. However, the hedgehog's sure fucked good.
24 11 SFHDKC screenshot Donkey Kong Country With Luigi dead, Mario wants revenge. September 4, 2011
Being dead sucks.
25 12 Mario and the goons The Battle: Part 01 Mario got all his goons and plans to kill Sonic. September 11, 2011
Is there a plumber in the house?
26 13 Mario dies The Battle: Part 02 Sonic and Mario, and some other weirdos fight to survive. Who will win? September 18, 2011
Time for Sonic for a battle royal.

Season 3

Season 3 started on November 20, 2011 and concluded on Feburary 19, 2012. Sonic and the gang try to manage the mob family.

Ep No# Season Ep No# Image Name Summary Release Date
27 1 Season 3 Washing Mugs Tapper Sonic attempts to adjust to the life of a mob boss by first strong-arming a bar. November 20, 2011
Sonic is on vacation. He is looking forward to become a mob boss however.
28 2 ImagesCALDAXYT Link Sonic and co. go with Link to find Princess Peach to find out what Mario's big plans were. November 27, 2011
Sonic and his new gang are a little lost when it comes to running a crime family.
29 3 Wink Peach Sonic tries to get some word of Mario out of Peach and he finds out that another Princess really knows Mario's plans. December 4, 2011
Sonic and crew search for Princess Peach so they can figure out how to run a crime family.
30 4 ImagesCAEMYUC8 Casino Zone: Part One Sonic and co. hatch a plan to rob Casino Zone. December 11, 2011
Sonic and crew are about to take the casino!
31 5 ImagesCAWG2B4T Casino Zone: Part Two The plan goes wrong and Sonic gets a Sonic on Ice show. December 18, 2011
This plan sucks.
32 6 ImagesCA2U0O56 Casino Zone: Part Three A new plan is made to rob Casino Zone. December 25, 2011
The "exciting" conclusion to the Casino Zone heist!
33 7 ImagesCAY1SAJA Tecmo Bowl Sonic and co. play football and attempt to lose in order to win a bet, but Sonic is the only one who's against losing. Janurary 8, 2012
Rah Rah Rah! And other yelling things.
34 8 ImagesCABYSK1X The War: Part One Darth Vader arrives and challenges Sonic and the mob family. Janurary 15, 2012
Another mob family has had enough of Sonic.
35 9 ImagesCAPXO6YJ The War: Part Two Sonic's mob takes on the Empire in Family Feud. Janurary 22, 2012
It's time for the feud!
36 10 ImagesCACPHM0L Wrestlemania The girls in Sonic's life fight for his love in a wrestling match. Janurary 29, 2012
Who's gonna fight it out for Sonic's love?
37 11 ImagesCAFLA8MQ Duck Hunt Sonic gets tensed from being a mob boss and gets injured. Feburary 5, 2012
Sonic needs some rest. He's not gonna get it though.
38 12 ImagesCA3KUV6F Contra Tails takes over the mob, but Sonic has something to say about that, while Jim and Eggman have to deal with a druglord. Feburary 12, 2012
Shit's about to get all topsy-turvy. Whatever that means.
39 13 It's On It's On Sonic and Tails battle with each other to after the events of the last episode to determine who will be the mob boss. Feburary 19, 2012
In the season finale, things happen…and you watch them happen.

Season 4

Season 4 started on April 15, 2012 and concluded on July 8, 2012. It stars Sonic broke again and Tails all rich and famous.

Ep No# Season Ep No# Image Name Summary Release Date
40 1 ImagesCA0M5OUN "Restart" Sonic gets a job at Burger Time again, and his first customer is Tails, who rubs his success in Sonic's face. April 15, 2012
Time for Sonic to start from the bottom all over again.
41 2 ImagesCAGJ0RC9 Atari Sonic works on the Atari games, but fails every time. April 22, 2012
Sonic is scraping at the bottom of the barrel.
42 3 ImagesCACPWG15 Final Fantasy Sonic and Gilius escape prison and run into the Final Fantasy gang in an RPG-style battle. April 29, 2012
Sonic and Thunderhead are the original Odd Couple. Well, not really, but Thuderhead is super annoying.
43 4 ImagesCAFA8Z9J Pokemon Sonic and Gilius fight in the underground Pokemon tournament and their first oppenent happens to be Soniqua. May 6, 2012
Sonic and Thunderhead delve into the dark world of underground fighting with cute wittle animals.
44 5 ImagesCATWXVK7 Cash Explosion We take a look at the life of the new rich jerk, Tails. May 13, 2012
We take a look into the life of the newest rich asshole, Tails.
45 6 ImagesCA263OR8 Scribblenauts Maxwell hires Sonic to help him obtain a starite, but Sonic tries to create a way out of his horrible life by using the power of the notebook. May 20, 2012
Sonic tries to create his way out of his shitty life.
46 7 ImagesCAD93EG3 MegaMan Sonic attempts to rob a gas station as mentioned in the previous episode and runs into MegaMan and co. from Mega Man Dies at the End. May 27, 2012
It's the cross over you've been waiting for. For like 7 weeks or something.
47 8 ImagesCA0WFGFL The New Kirby Sonic works with Kirby (who is now a Hollywood producer) and gives him the offer to star in "Sonic: One Bad Character" with Tails as his co-star. June 3, 2012
Sonic gets some new direction from Hollywood's hottest bigwig.
48 9 ImagesCAL08PZ2 Mass Effect Sonic gets an interview about his appearances in movies, including Sonic: One Bad Character, even though Sonic meets bad company. June 10, 2012
Sonic is back in the spotlight!
49 10 ImagesCA8C68UO Two Bad Characters Sonic, Kirby and Tails meet for brunch, and start planning for the movie. June 17, 2012
Sonic loves it when a plan comes together.
50 11 ImagesCAVG1398 El Padrino Eggman and Earthworm Jim are brought back by Sonic to make the movie. June 24, 2012
Eggman and Earthworm Jim have definitely had some coke and a smile.
51 12 ImagesCAV7A1F8 Movie Magic Two Bad Characters is in action. July 1, 2012
It's time to make a movie!!
52 13 Sonic Head The Red Carpet The premiere of two bad characters is here. However, is the movie going to be good or is it going to be worse? July 8, 2012
The movie is here! It's showtime!

Season 5

Season 5 started on September 23, 2012 and concluded on December 23, 2012. Many of the protagonists survived the explosion Sonic caused in "The Red Carpet" and they go on a bunch of outer space missions.

Ep No# Season Ep No# Image Name Summary Release Date
53 1 Photo-12 Star Fox Sonic is paid by the Star Fox Team to kill their mortal enemy, Andross. September 23, 2012
In space, Sonic is still an asshole.
54 2 Photo-13 Aliens Sonic and Tails are sent in a mission to destroy aliens and their queen. September 30, 2012
A swarm of space creatures have had enough of Tails.
55 3 Photo-14 Joust Sonic and Tails are jousting against a flock of Space Ostriches, when they meet Eggman and Jim. October 7, 2012
In space, nobody can hear you joust a Space Ostrich.
56 4 Photo-15 Blaster Master Blaster Master comes to Eggman asking if he can fix "Sophia". October 14, 2012
Eggman goes on to fix Sophia or something.
57 5 Die Mother Brain Sonic and Tails are off to assassinate Mother Brain, and end up in danger, but luckily, a certain brian monster is here to save the day. October 21, 2012
Sonic and Tails are off for revenge!
58 6 Whole crew Asteroids Eggman and Jim are to destroy asteroids. October 28, 2012
Eggman and Earthworm Jim get some new direction from a giant space worm.
59 7 Ganaum Destroy Venom The gang must eliminate the fighter jets from Venom and estallish a democracy. November 11, 2012
Sonic and crew are about to establish a democracy!
60 8 Photo-17 Star Wars Jim is thirsty and the rest of the crew visit a Jedi. November 18, 2012
Sonic and crew visit a Jedi master. Jim wants some water though.
61 9 Sonic&possom Rocket Knight Adventures Sonic has been hired by Sparkster the Possum Knight, but things starts getting weird. November 25, 2012
Sonic goes on to see some rodent in a suit of armor.
62 10 Sonic and co StarCraft Sonic and co. must build something from outer space, but things go wrong. December 2, 2012
Sonic and crew go on track with the space construction.
63 11 Shadow with the crew Shadow Shadow the Hedgehog gets a visit from the Great Fox before getting arrested by the space police. December 9, 2012
Sonic gets a new visitor on the run.
64 12 Image5 Falco Fox and Falco return from earth to find out what happened. December 17, 2012
Time for Sonic for the big race.
65 13 In a ship Space Chicken Sonic and co. leave the Great Fox to play Space Chicken and leave Fox McCloud out. December 23, 2012
Go home, play chicken.

Season 6

Season 6 started on February 22, 2013 and concluded on May 19, 2013.

Ep No# Season Ep No# Image Name Summary Release Date
66 1 Chonotrigger1 Chrono Trigger Sonic decides to go back in time to save his future, but first, he must fix a mistake. February 22, 2013
When time traveling, no one can see your cute wittle brain monster.
67 2 Knuxinspace Sonic Knuckles Now that Sonic is in the right year, he has a chance to get himself back on top. March 3, 2013
Sonic has plans for a new home!
68 3 Streets of Rage Streets of Rage Sonic must find Tails before it's to late because the fox is broke. March 10, 2013
Tails is a lot broke when it comes to Sonic being rich.
69 4 The horror Eggman Eggman stole the epoch to undo his failure. Sonic must undo what he has done. March 17, 2013
Eggman steals the epoch to undo his failiure, but gets turned overweight.
70 5 Pong Crash Sonic Crash Bandicoot Crash would never let his future be ruined. Sonic must now get Crash to tell him where the epoch is. March 24, 2013
Crash will never let his future be destroyed when it comes to stealing the epoch.
71 6 President Mario Thunderhead Gillius Thunderhead has been claimed the real Sonic for years because this was Sonic's time traveling that caused this. March 31, 2013
Sonic and Thunderhead compete!
72 7 Avengers The Avengers Mario is back and he wants Sonic, but what Sonic doesn't know that he will be face to face with the Avengers. April 7, 2013
Mario is rounding up a Mario Party in order to kidnap Sonic.
73 8 Soniqua Furious Return Of The Plumber Sonic is now dead, the world is at total peace, and Mario wants to bring chaos to the world. And what about Soniqua? April 14, 2013
Ker-bam! And other chaos things.
74 9 Soniquamad Soniqua Mad Mario may had killed Sonic, but it doesn't stop Soniqua killing all of Mario's goons except that mustached asshole. April 21, 2013
Soniqua sure has feelings about Mario.
75 10 Flaming Bag Flaming Bag of Poop Tails, Jim, and Eggman are about to do a prank on Mario, and Mario tries to kill Soniqua, and what about Sonic? April 28, 2013
It's time for a prank!
76 11 Messed up Things Get Messy Tails, Jim and Eggman take three time machines to save Sonic, but messed things up. Now Tails is tall, Jim's a Yoshi, Eggman's a baby, and Sonic had became Wario. What's next? May 5, 2013
Tails, Eggman, and Earthworm Jim revive Sonic. However, something strange happens. What a mess!
77 12 WarioBurger This Can't Be Good The gang must fix time and turn back into their old selves. May 12, 2013
Or can't it?
78 13 City Reset Now the fate of the world depends on Sonic and the others before everything gets destroyed. May 19, 2013
The fates are about to get all topsy-turvy. Whatever that means.

Season 7

Season 7 started on September 22, 2013 and concluded on December 22, 2013, officially concluding the series—with seven seasons and ninety-one episodes, in a total of thirteen episodes per season.

Ep No# Season Ep No# Image Name Summary Release Date
79 1 8BitShred Rebuild The gang must rebuild the world. September 22, 2013
80 2 S7Badniks Back To Work The gang goes to work once again. September 29, 2013
81 3 Eyes Elevator Action The gang tries to go vertical on the elevator, but first, they must fix a mistake. October 6, 2013
82 4 S7KungFu Kung Fu Sonic and Tails try kung fu, when they meet Kirby. October 13, 2013
83 5 Tmnt TMNT Sonic and and co. try to fight with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and things don't go too good. October 20, 2013
84 6 S7Ralph Wreck It Ralph Sonic and co. visit Wreck It Ralph for a clue. October 27, 2013
85 7 Run Castlevania Sonic and co. explore a castle for another clue. November 3, 2013
86 8 Graveyard gang Ghosts 'n Goblins Sonic and co. visit a now-undead Thunderhead. November 10, 2013
87 9 Lame toads Battletoads Sonic and co. visit a squad of toads who die later on. November 17, 2013
88 10 Gay link vs man A Link To The Past Sonic and co. meet two Link's. November 24, 2013
89 11 Cliff Blezinski screenshot Gears of War After Eggman and Jim leave for Dead or Alive, Sonic and Tails visit Cliff Blezinski. December 1, 2013
90 12 SFH creators Lowbrow Sonic and Tails visit the creators of the show for a clue. December 8, 2013
91 13 SFH logo screenshot The Creator Sonic and Tails try to deal with the most difficult thing by the creator. December 22, 2013
In the final episode, things conclude…and you watch them conclude.


Short No# Image Name Summary Release Date
1 Cooking With Eggman Our evil genius can be a stupid cook. April 16, 2013
2 Sonic For Hire Drinking Game There's a drinking game on Sonic For Hire for the first time ever. April 23, 2013
3 Dr. Thunderhead's Prescription Love Pad Thunderhead is gonna teach all you lonely guys out there, how to get yourself some ass. April 30, 2013
4 Potato Talk - Star Trek: Into Darkness Princess Potato talks about the upcoming Star Trek movie on her very own talk show. May 7, 2013
5 Link's Video Game Fashion Don't-sies Link shows everyone how to look and how not to look in the video game world. May 14, 2013