(Sonic and Tails are in the living room watching poster.)

Tails: C'mon, Sonic, change the channel.

Sonic: I need a poster remote... (Places a Mase poster on the wall)

Tails: No way, man. We've seen this one like 50 times!

(Sonic puts up a poster of Tom Berringer.)

Tails: Oh! Oh my God, what is this, Saw!?

Sonic: It's either Tom Berringer or... a cow giving birth. Either way, we've officially bottomed out.

Tails: The special effects are terrible!

Sonic: Hey, why the fuck aren't we at your mansion anyway?

Tails: Oh, I threw a crazy Jesse Pinkman styled party for like three days, so my place needed some time to air out after all the disgusting Eggman meth sex.

Sonic: What the fu... Why wasn't I invited?

Tails: Nobody wanted to see your stupid fucking face after that whole Space Chicken thing!


Sonic: Oh, right. That makes sense.

Tails: Yeah, you kinda lost your shit. Okay, let's just watch this train wreck.

Sonic: That's it! I'm Tom Berringer!

Tails: Hmm, yes, I like where this is heading. Continue.

Sonic: Tom Berringer used to be awesome, like me! But now he's just a joke, like... you. Plus he looks like if Mickey York and Val Kilmer had a baby; and that baby had terrible plastic surgery.

Tails: You wanna get plastic surgery? I don't understand...

Sonic: No, you idiot! I'm gonna travel back in time so I can stop myself from tanking my career and blowing all my money.

Tails: Yeah... Seems like there's gonna be a lot of holes in this season storyline.

Sonic: Eh, just go with it.

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