Sonic : So Tails, what wondrous and exciting mission does space bring us this time around? Tails?

(Tails is listening to Gangnam Style)

Sonic : Ugh, people are still listening to that? Eggman, do you have any idea what we're doing here?

Eggman : Yeah, uh, hang on, I just dropped my wallet into the deep fryer. Just give me a second (sticks his hand in the deep fryer) Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! Got it. Got it. Got it. Okay. Hm. I'm gonna try and eat it.

Sonic : Great, keep me posted. Space rabbit, retarded frog, what are we doing here? This is seriously cutting into my nap time. 

Slippy : (wearing a swimming outfit) I'm in space!

Peppy : Slippy, you ain't wearing your swimming outfit in space now, are you?

Slippy : Nooo.

Peppy : Slippy!

Sonic : Alright, so somebody want to tell me the mission?

Eggman : Mmm, oh, oh God! Oh, this wallet is delicious, ha ha! Who's got blue cheese dressing?

Sonic : Ugh! What's the mis-

(Goes back to tails listening to Gangnam Style)

Sonic : What's the fucking mission?! 

Peppy : Oh, it should be easy as pie! With Andross out of the picture, we just need to eliminate these fighter jets from Planet Venom.

Sonic : Easy enough.

Peppy : And then establish a working democracy!

Sonic : Fuck. Uh, Jim, how are you at nation building?

Jim : Well, I did start the Earthworm Jim nation. I've got, um...6 whole followers on Twitter.

Sonic : Perfect. So once me and Frank take out these ships, we can-

Jim : Frank's dead. I think he suffocated.

Sonic : Whose idea was it to give him that tiny ship?

Mother Brain : I told him there's always room for a giant worm in my cockpit, but it was gonna cost him!

Sonic : What the fuck? Why is everything about revolting brain sex with you?

Mother Brain : Who said anything about sex? I told him he could use my ship, but it would cost $5. He said he's a giant space worm with no concept of money, so he took the small ship.

Sonic : Oh, okay. Ugh, let me think here. (inhales) Yeah, oh, I got it. Who wants to skip this mission, eat like 200 tacos, and tell Space Dog to go fuck himself? 

Peppy : I'm in!

Slippy : I'm a frog!

Eggman : Sounds good to me. Ow! Dammit!

Mother Brain : Oooh, okay.

Soniqua : Avotaco!

Jim : Uh, aren't we supposed to battle it out with Venom or something?

Sonic : Beautiful. Last one to Espacio's Tacos Locos is a rotten asteroid worm creature!

Jim : His name was Frank.

Sonic : Who cares?!

(Everyone flies away except for Tails and Frank's ships. Both of the ships approach Planet Venom, and one of their ships destroys Frank's ship.')

Tails : Holy shit! Hey, you guys better not be going to Espacio's Tacos Locos!

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