(Jail, Tails comes in to bail Sonic out)

Sonic: Ugh, it's about time! Did you pay my bail?!

Tails: Yeah, it was $100,000. What the fuck did you do? Did you murder your kid?!

Sonic: Come on, they don't put you in jail for that nowadays. Actually, I got a job playing for some Russian hockey team.

Tails: I'm guessing, that worked out for you.

Sonic: Dude, it was a fucking nightmare. First of all, I suck at hockey.

(Screen cuts into hockey, Sonic runs on ice with his stick, but isn't keeping his balance well enough, just as that's happening, the puck slides in.)

Sonic: Whoa, whoa, whoa! All right, all right, uh-uh, I got this, guys. Back. I got it, I got it.

(The hockey players start beating up Sonic, and the screen cuts back to the jail)

Sonic: On top of that, nobody could speak American good at all.

(Screen cuts to Sonic talking to an official)

Official: I am enjoying many blue jeans.

Sonic: I don't know how to respond to that.

Official: I would like very much to having the sex with American prostitute.

Sonic: Ayyyyy, I think I could actually help you with that--

(The hockey players start beating up the official and Sonic slides across the ice away from where the official was standing, the screen cuts back to the jail. Sonic is lying on King Hippo's leg)

Tails: (bored listening) Ugh! Would you just tell me why you're in here already?

Sonic: We ended up losing, and after the game, those crazy fuckers just started beating the hell out each other.

Tails: Oh, I got ya. Wait, 100 grand is pretty steep for a hockey fight.

Sonic: Well, I might have gotten a little carried away.

(Screen cuts to the hockey. The players are fighting each other, Sonic appeared riding in a Zamboni, and ran over all the players.)


(Screen cuts back to the jail)

Tails: Nice job, retard.

Sonic: Hey, where did you get my bail money, anyway?

Tails: Yeah, I was gonna talk to you about that. I had to borrow it from somebody.

Sonic: Please, don't tell me it's Eggman!

Tails: Uh, much worse.

(In an office, Sonic is meeting The Person who Tails borrowed the money from, he was in a shadow)

Man: I do you this favor, and now you owe me a lot of money. Money.......(The man comes out of the shadow revealing himself to be Sonic's mascot rival, Mario and he points to Sonic without the shadows).......that you're going to have to work off.

Sonic: Shitballs.

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