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Sonic For Hire: Kid Icarus is the thirteenth episode and season finale of the first season of the Sonic For Hire series.


Sonic arrives at the temple where the eggplant wizard resides, Pit then proceeds to inform him that he has been turned into an Eggplant and needs a nurse to heal him. Sonic, having ran all the way there needs to catch his breath, but Pit insists on being healed as soon as possible and gets snappy with him, causing him to get irate with Pit, who finally snaps after both Sonic and the eggplant berate his attitude. Sonic, having had enough proceeds to fake a conversation between him and a nurse and then leads Pit off the ledge, he and the eggplant wizard then laugh about it, the eggplant wizards then offers Sonic some marijuana, claiming he has carved one of his eggplants into a "pretty sweet bong", he unsuspectingly accepts this offer, not foreseeing that it was a trick, and is then turned into an eggplant himself by the wizard.

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