(In Eggplant Wizard's place, Sonic hopped on the platform)

Sonic: Hey, what's up, guys? I........What the hell is happening, here?

Pit: Who's there? Sonic? Sonic, is that you? Oh, thank god. Listen, man. This asshole just turned me into an eggplant, but I gotta move back like 20 levels to get him. I just need you to go get a nurse for me, okay?

Sonic: Sure, 1 sec. Let me just rest for a minute. I ran like all the way here.

Pit: Can you please hurry up? I can't see in here and being an eggplant is a lot like being jammed up inside your own asshole.

Sonic: I said, "In a minute!" Jesus, don't get mad at me 'cuz you can't dodge this weirdo and his veggies! No offense.

Eggplant Wizard: None taken.

Pit: Look, uh, I apologize if I snapped at you, but this kind of a serious situation!

Sonic: I understand that, dick! I just need a minute! Ugh, again with the attitude.

Eggplant Wizard: Now you see why I throw shit at him.


Sonic: Fine, fine. I'll be right back.

(Sonic jumps on the cloud, he pretends he was dashing to nurse, and he's pretanding to call the nurse)

Sonic: Oh, oh, hey there, nurse. How are you? Oh, that kid is cursed, he's turning into an eggplant. I gotta go, and go help, here. Okay, let's go.

(Sonic pretends he dashed in Eggplant Wizard's place)

Sonic: Okay there, buddy. I got your nurse.

Pit: Oh, great.

Sonic: Just, follow the sound of my voice. That's right. Just a little further.

Pit: (walks forward) I can't thank you with outside. It could be jalekand, I'm sorry for losing my temper earlier. Would you understand--

(Pit falls off the platform, and Pit screams)

Sonic & Eggplant Wizard: (laughing)

Eggplant Wizard: Oh, man. That was classic. Hey, you wanna talk up? I carved up one of my eggplants into pretty sweet bow.

Sonic: Oh hell yeah!

(Sonic comes to Eggplant Wizard)

Sonic: Don't mind if I do!

(Eggplant Wizard turns Sonic into an eggplant.)


(After Sonic for Hire logo, and lowbrow logo)

Narrator: Will Sonic turn back into a hedgehog, and will he ever find a job to get back on his feet? What about that Dominique Wilkins poster from the first couple episodes? Remember that running joke? Kinda lost track on that one. And, will Tails ever come out of his coma? Beca--oh, uh, did we--we didn't tell you. Tails gotten a pretty serious car accident like a month ago. And in a coma. So, we're pullin' for him. Find out all this and more, next season on Sonic For Hire!

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