(The Episode Starts with Sonic going into a little store he meets an old wizard in the store with a sword)

Old Wizard: It's dangerous to go alone! Take This!

(Sonic takes the sword)

Sonic: Give me that! This is a robbery, Now hand over the rest of your shit old timer!

Old Wizard: That's my only sword. And It's free. and of poor craftsmanship.

Sonic: Oh OK. Well what about some gift certificates or something?

Old Wizard: Get out of My store dipshit!

Sonic: Ah So you think you're a tough guy eh? Well take that! (Sonic starts beating up the Wizard) and that!

Old Wizard: I have a small weiner

Sonic: (Reads)


Sonic: OH FUCK YOU!!

(Outside. Tails and the gang were waiting for Sonic)

Sonic: Look what Sonic just boosted! Time to fence this shit!

Tails: He gave that to you didn't he?

Sonic: Yeah, That's not important

Eggman: What do you mean by fence?

Sonic: I think it means to sell something.

(Eggman, Earthworm Jim and Gillus start arguing. Sonic swings the sword around and breaks it)

Tails: Idiots! Clearly we have no fucking idea what we're doing so I suggest we find Princess Peach. She was close to Mario so maybe she has some pointers or something.

(Link appears)

Link: Did I hear someone needs to find a princess?

Everyone (except for Sonic and Tails): LINK!!

Tails: Ugh!

Link: Oh Tails! You're such a poof!

Sonic: Tell me about it!

Link: Do you know what this group needs?

Tails: To Find the princess?

Link: (laughs) I hope she's not in a closet, Lord knows she spent enough time hidin' in there!

Eggman: (points to Tails) Hahaha! Snap!

Tails: What?! I'm not gay!

Link: OK OK whatever you say dollface no no no no. What this group needs are some Margaritas!

(Everyone cheers except Tails)

Tails: Alright morons! Look if we don't get our shit together and find the Princess, It's only a matter of time before some other crime family comes along and takes us out!

Link: Fine! Just follow my amazing took us then We'll be there in two shakes of a land's tail

(Sonic and the gang follow Link, across 3 other worlds)

Alien: Hello

Other Alien: OK

(Through the forest)

Sonic: Jesus Christ Link! We've been walking forever! How much longer?

Link: Just a few more twisty turnsies

Tails: What the? Ugh!

(Big sign saying Margarita Manor Appears)


All: MAR-GA-RI-TAS!! MAR-GA-RI-TAS!! MAR-GA-RI-TAS!! MAR-GA-RI-TAS!!! YEAH!!!!!! (All except Tails Start going crazy)


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