Sonic: Alright clearly, clearly this some sort of misunderstanding. I was told that I was helping out a special needs kid.

Sub-Zero: Uhh, Goro's retarded.

Sonic: Okay that's fine. I'll take him to an aquarium, get him some ice cream, whatever. I just don't see why I have to battle him in a deathmatch.

Sub-Zero: Hey, it's fun for him, okay? He doesn't get to do all the things a normal kid gets to do.

Sonic: Oh then. Let's make sure he has a great time. I really want this nightmare monster from a another dimension to have a smile on his face while he's ripping my arms off.

Sub-Zero: Oh that, that's perfect. Give a big scream, too. He loves it. Cracks him up.

Sonic: I was being sarcas.. ahhhh hey David Lopan. What's the point of all this? How many souls do you need to harvest? You're like a fucking stamp collector at this point. Is violence really the answer? Is watching two people beat each other to death the only way you can be entertained? Read a book, watch a poster, go on a tandum bike ride. Live life.

Shang Tsung: Just fight, you pussy! (Goro starts beating up Sonic. Sonic screams in terror. Soniqua comes and beats up Goro.)

Sonic: Wow, thanks Soniqua. I almost kinda feel bad for trying to kill you.

Soniqua: AVACODO!

Sonic: Right, Soniqua want ice cream.

Soniqua: SONIQUA WANT MAN FLESH! (Soniqua starts eating Goro. Sonic watches grossly)

Sonic: Holy, shit...

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