Sonic: Hey Knuckles.

Knuckles: Hey, get the fuck out of here!

Sonic: Look, I came to apologize and I was hoping that you would find in your heart to give me a second chance.

Knuckles: I'm still scrubbing hedgehog jizz of the deep fryers! And what's with the nice guy act? You better not be trying to weasel your way into my fortunes! And my moped!

Sonic: Not at all! The days of me being a heartless asshole are over! I've turned over a new leaf!

Knuckles: I don't know if you're ready to start fryin' and buyin', but you actually seem sincere, so I'll start you with the drive-thru window. Don't make me regret this!

Sonic: I won't I promise and I definitely won't smoke crack in the bathroom.

Knuckles: OK Good, First ya-- What?! Why did you bring up smoking crack?

Sonic: Oh well it's nothing! I started smoking crack for a while but I already kicked it.

(Bell clangs)

Knuckles: OK...I guess...uh...well, here's your first customer. Don't fuck it up!

(The drive thru window)

Sonic: Welcome to Burger Time where it's always beef o'clock! Can I take your order?

(Tails appears in a car with sunglasses on)

Tails: Err, let me get two burgers and uh... (takes his sunglasses off and sees Sonic and then laughs) Look at this fuckin' loser! What's up, you loser, asshole loser?

Sonic: Oh, hello Tails! It seems like you're doing great, and not dead, after exploding all my money and ruining my life.

Tails: Fuck yeah, loser! Blowing up your stupid cash blew up MY bank account, bitch! You're looking at the star of the biggest iPhone game in history. It's called-

Sonic: (Interupts) Let me guess: "Blow it up?"

Tails: "Cash Explosion"! Fucking moron.

Sonic: But really Tails, that's...(Tails turns up music very loud) ...that's...that's...THAT'S GREAT TO HEAR!! YOU...YOU DESERVE IT!! CAN I TAKE YOUR ORDER?!

Tails: What? Yeah, give me two burgers and a large vanilla shake, shit for dick.

(Sonic Giving Tails His Meal)

Sonic: Sure thing Tails. That'll be eight dollars. And...really, Tails, its been good seeing you.

Tails: Yeah, it's great being me! (Throwing his meal at Sonic's face) EAT SHIT, LOSER!!

(Sonic Pissed while going to the bathroom)

Knuckles: Hey, w...w...w...where ya going? Your shift just started.

Sonic: Well, I'm definitely not going to smoke crack in the bathroom, and burn this place down with my crack pipe.

(Place burns down and Knuckles looking down)

Knuckles: Well, at least I've still got my moped.

Sonic:(High on Crack On Knuckles' moped) THIS SHOULD BUY ME SOME GREAT CRACK!!

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