Sonic: Nice helmet space cadet, heard you needed some help.

Maxwell: We just need to figure out what to create so we can reach that starlite.

Sonic: What do you mean create?

Maxwell: Just type in anything you want, and it will magically appear! *Types Elephant and one appears*

Sonic: Get the fuck outta here! Let me try.

Sonic: Ah, let's see what we got here. Give this thing a test drive. F-O-O-D *Types Tits*... Woah, That is weird. Okay, I guess I need to be more specific. Alright, let's see here, uh... "More Food" *Types Huge Tits*... Much better.

Maxwell: U-Okay, I kinda need that starite, so-

Sonic: Oh wai- Soniqua, Soniqua, You go.

Soniqua: *Unintelligeble mumbling* *Types Avocado Tits*

Sonic: Tahaha, That's my girl.

Maxwell, Okay, clearly I've made a mistake in hiring you so-

Sonic: Oh wait, I got it! Sonic, you are a fuckin' genius! *Grunting while typing in Happiness*. Hhu. That is a lot of crack and porno.

Maxwell: That's pretty depressing, man.

Sonic: Yeah, I'm a fuckin' mess. Man, this sucks! Why's Tails get to live the good life while I'm stuck workin' shit jobs with stupid fuckin idiots?

Maxwell: Hm, thanks.

Sonic: Fuck it, I'm gonna make myself super rich, and then I'm gonna make tails eat shit! *Grunting and laughing as he types in "One Billion Coins"*

Maxwell: I think you mean "Rings"?

Sonic: Oh, Fuck you! *Changes "Coins" to "Rings"* *Onion Rings Spawn* Aw, god damnit! *Types G-U-N* Plan B: rob a gas station.

Soniqua: *Grunting*

Elephant: You smokin' that crack, or what?


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