[Scene opens on the Great Fox. Sonic and Tails are standing around.]

Sonic: Where the fuck are we? Oh wait, first things first.

[Sonic hits Tails.]

Tails: Ow, the hell man?!

Sonic: That's for last season and there's plenty more where that came from! Now where are we? Battle Star Trek Galacta or some shit?

[Camera zooms out to show Peppy Hare and Slippy Toad.]

Peppy Hare: You're on the Great Fox. Our leader Fox McCloud has left and, well, we need your help.

Tails: Well, I'm a fox, so naturally, I should be in charge. Okay, I'm gonna need a red sports car and shitty music. Chop-chop!

Peppy Hare: Yeah, thanks but uh, no thanks. We'll go with the blue guy, not the gay fox.

Sonic: I like your style, Space Rabbit. What's the mission?

Peppy Hare: We need you to defeat Andross.

Sonic: Alright. What's his deal?

Peppy Hare: He's a giant evil space head!

Sonic: Oh, of course he is.

[Sonic hits Tails.]

Tails: Ow! Come on, man!

Sonic: I'm in! Tails, you stay here with Space Rabbit and the Retarded Frog.

[Sonic hits Tails.]

Tails: Ow!

[Sonic walks off-screen.]

Tails: You guys... You guys ever played Cash Explosion? You have right?

Slippy Toad: DO A BARREL ROLL!

Peppy Hare: That's my line, you idiot! Slippy ain't quite right.

[Transitions to space. Sonic is in his Arwing and approaching Andross.]

Sonic: Uhh... I'm guessing this thing is Andross?

Peppy Hare: That's him. Aim for his face!

Sonic: Great advice, dipshit.

[Sonic shoots Andross.]

Andross: Ow! What the fuck, man?!

Sonic: Oh, s-sorry, dude. I'm here to kill you.

Andross: Whatever. I don't care anymore. Just end it.

Sonic: Wow... really managed to suck the fun outta this. What's your deal?

Andross: Look at me! I'm a giant space head. The fuck kind of life is this?

Sonic: A super-shitty one?

Andross: Exactly. I'm out here all by myself, and every once in a while, a bunch of ships come and try to murder me.

Peppy Hare: Blow up his face!

Andross: See? Just kill me!

Sonic: Look. It's not that bad. You should come to Earth. You can star in your own reality series, or something.

Andross: Really?

Sonic: Yeah! They give shows to all kinds of freaks.

Andross: I'll do it! I'm gonna be famous! It's a whole new life for Andross! Thanks so much for all your help-

Sonic: Oh, sorry. I just remembered. If I don't kill you, I don't get paid.

[Sonic shoots Andross, causing him to explode.]

Slippy Toad: Do a barrel roll!

Sonic: Thanks, Retarded Frog. Punch Tails in the face for me, would ya?

[Slippy Toad hits Tails.]

Tails: Ow!

[Ending sequence.]

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