(Sonic's house, Sonic looks inside his bowl of baby spinage)

Tails: I kinda feel like, we should be hiding out or something.

(Sonic finds the fresh baby spinage, and he puts his baby spinage on the table)

Sonic: What the fuck, man? Baby spinach tastes fresh for like a day!

Tails: You're responsible for the death of the biggest crime boss on the planet, and you're worried about the shelf life of baby spinach? Which is oddly short, I don't want to argue with that, but still a--a mafia is pretty fuckin' serious.

Sonic: Mafia revenges so 1970s. What's the worse that can happen, someone Tweets a bunch of nasty shit about me?

Tails: (checks his iPod, tweeting about Sonic, and he puts in his pocket) Oh, yeah. Uh, I don't know who's been doin' that. Anyway, I'm just sayin' that we could be in some danger here.

Sonic: (begins to emphasise what Mario has actually done after falling.) Right, so what you're saying is Mario somehow survived that Fall, hitchhiked his way out of Donkey Kong Country, called up all his goon friends and everyone else that hates me, and right at this very moment, he's gonna bust through that door, and turn me into baby spinach.

(Sonic and Tails check the door, but nothing happened)

Sonic: See? Nothing. Now, let's sit back, and watch some poster.

(Mario and his goon friends appear out of the poster by crashing through the wall breaking the poster)

Mario: Time to die, Sonic!

Sonic: POSTER!!! Now, you've crossed the line, you mustached asshole!

Tails: Oh, you're fine with him killing me, earllier, but the poster is where he's crossed the line?!

Sonic: Yeah, I value the poster more than your life. I tell you this all the time.

Tails: I hate you. I'm glad you're gonna die.

Mario: Hey! Can we get with the murderin', now?!

Sonic: Fuck...

(In lowbrow logo)

Sonic: All right, I know this episode was short, but I might die next week! Doesn't that mean anything to you guys?! Jerks?!

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