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The Sonic For Hire Wiki, the smrtest wiki on the Internet, is dedicated to the web show "Sonic For Hire", hosted on Machinima and Happy Hour.
This wiki was founded on April 17, 2011 and currently has 286 pages.

Please do not post fanfiction of any sort. Fanfiction includes:

  • Inserting false information
  • Making up episodes/characters/series/etc.

It will result in a {{warning}}, and, if done multiple times, a block will result for a certain period of time.

For help:

  • If there is a vandal, report it.
  • Request administrators to perform a specific action you cannot do for whatever reason.

If you would like to post or read fanon material, here are some excellent places:

Please be aware of the Sonic For Hire Wiki Staff.

Happy editing!

"You don't look very almighty. You've got a team of Badniks washing your fat flaps."

that Tails gained a Gatorade dunk?

Do you want Sonic For Hire to come back on the air with all-new episodes?

The poll was created at 03:32 on July 6, 2015, and so far 48 people voted.
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