Sonic the Hedgehog is the main character and the main protagonist in "Sonic For Hire".


Sonic has been broke for years since Tails screwed most of Sonic's life savings on Dreamcast stock for him. Despite this, Tails assists Sonic by getting jobs for him in Season 1. However, he must find jobs on his own in Season 2 since Tails has been in the hospital. Sonic does basically anything to get money. He is very attached to a poster of Dominique Wilkins which he "watches" as a form of entertainment for most of the series. After fighting Mike Tyson in Punch Drunk he buys a frame for his poster claiming it'll pay for itself in 15 to 20 years.

Sonic gets arrested in Ice Hockey after taking a small fight too far and killing all the players. Tails claims that the bail (which was $100,000) has been payed, but he had to "borrow it from somebody". Turns out Mario payed the bail money, and Sonic must work for him to pay it off. Eventually Sonic kills Mario in The Battle: Part 02 and takes Mario's place as mafia boss.

In season 3, Sonic is just getting adjusted to being a mob boss. His first heist was in Casino Zone. After having the battle with Darth Vader and defeating him in The War, Sonic starts to get the hang of being a mob boss, only to start to feel the stress of it in Duck Hunt which cause him to get some rest. However, Tails tries to take over the Mob Boss family, but, because of his lousy experts, caused the team to fall apart. In which, Sonic discovers and battles Tails to see who will run the Mob, and after the fighting, Tails soon blows up all money and the office too, leaving Sonic both injured and broke again.

He was back in his current hut, living in his old house and has a Jarold Wilkins poster. In Restart, he went to work at Burger Time again he told Knuckles he was a changed man and the days of being a "heartless asshole" are over, until Tails (who was now successful and wealthy after having the idea to make the events he went through in It's On in a iPhone game called "Cash Explosion") threw a vanilla shake at Sonic. This causes him to go back to his old ways, and end up burning Burger Time down by smoking crack in the restroom, out of despair and steals Knuckles' moped (while being high on crack). In The New Kirby, Kirby plans to make a movie on Sonic's life called "Sonic: One Bad Character" with Tails as his co-star, much to his dismay. In the latest season 4 episode, "The Red Carpet", Sonic planned to get revenge on Tails ever since he blew up the mob. He was then blasted into outer space with Tails, with a light shining down on them.

In season 5, it's reaviled that Sonic and Tails are abord StarFox, and Sonic is made the new leader, since Slippy and Peppy didn't want Tails as their captain. Sonic later reunites with Eggman and Earthworm Jim and continues being the boss. He also decided to get even with Tails by continuing insulting him and beating him. In the season 5 finale, Sonic and his gang were forced off StarFox after the former captain Fox McCloud returns and becomes the captain again.

In season 6, Sonic takes the Epoch from Chrono Trigger and goes back in time to stop Tails from putting all his money in Dreamcast Stock. Sonic tells Tails, who already invested his money, to put the money in Apple Inc and Microsoft (but not before preventing himself from making out with Lucca and getting more illegitimate children by sending in a badly disguised Eggman). Sonic then goes back to the future and finds out that he's now rich and famous. However, he constantly had to go back and try to change the past because people, like Eggman and Princess Potatoe, keep stealing it.

He is also seen on Akgül TV's onurhayri4's all star Sonic For Hire and Akgül TV Movie Marthon.

Personal Life

Sonic is lazy, selfish, sarcastic, and self-obsessed. Despite those flaws he does have a good heart, examples of those were shown in "Kirby" where he was perturbed by Kirby when Kirby was killing all the residents of Dream Land, even crying when he killed one himself. Another example was shown in "Dig Dug", where he was against Taizo Hori killing all the monsters in Dig Dug. Although Sonic claimed to have a knack for murder in "Angry Birds" as he killed Bob the goldfish, a few metroids, a minny, Pac-Man, the hockey team, the official, Toad, Chuck, Red, Matilda, Bub, Bob, Donkey Kong, Mario, the Noid, 6 Columbian prostitutes, Andross, ALF, Falco, Galica monsters, Sparkster, Megaman, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and Crash.

Sonic has a child named Soniqua that is part hedgehog and part mutant brain monster. After failing to kill her in "Bomberman", he realises that she can be very helpful after saving him on numerous occasions. He usually avoids paying child-care so he can have more money to spend on himself. Although it seems Soniqua is in his custody because she's been hanging around Sonic in his office when he became the new mob boss.In pokemon, he was happy to see her again. Despite having to pay child support and sometimes not wanting anything to do with her, Sonic has shown signs of caring about her, and even being affectionate to her. He even seemed happy that she was alive in "Mother Brain". It could be possible Soniqua ceases to exist due to the fact Sonic changed the past.

It was later revield Sonic had two more kids, a set of twins, a son and another daughter, due to having sex with Lucca. (who were erased from history, due to him using the Epoch to prevent that from happening)

Sonic doesn't hesitate to do drugs or drink whenever offered. He also smoking cracks in the bathroom. Out of carelessness, Sonic sometimes calls rings "coins". Sonic seems to have a drug problem. For some odd reason in the "tapper" Sonic had an odd addiction to Lead. He got lead poisoning from drinking lead. Sonic also claims during the 6 months he spent as a mob boss he got alcohol poisoning, food poisoning, and sun poisoning. Sonic's first sign of having a drug problem was shown in "Toejam and Earl." It was shown again in episodes such as "Oregan trial" "Restart" and "Atari." In the "Megaman dies at the end Finale" He admited to eating the drug pizza the turtles had.

Sonic used to have an old Dominic Wilkins poster, which he was very possesive of. He loves watching it, over a TV anyday and was heartbroken when it was destroyed by Mario. To replace his poster, he found the real Dominic Wilkins, and had him frozen in carbonite, only for him to be set free by Darth Vader in "The War: Part One" which angered Sonic. However, Dominic Wilkins was seen celebrating with Sonic at the end of the "The War: Part 2. After Dominic Wilkins disapears, Sonic replaces him with a Jarred wilkins poster. His relationship with Tails is a bit edgy as Tails screwed Sonic out of all his money and won't hesitate to insult him.

Sonic claims that he values his poster over Tails' life anyday, and Tails said to Mario that Sonic couldn't give a shit if he lived or died. Never the less they still seem to care for eachother as Sonic needs Tails's help to get him through jobs and Tails willingly helps Sonic out. Tails eventually turns on Sonic, and tries to take over the mob family, which causes the boys to fight and ends it with Tails blowing up the money. In Restart, Sonic's trying to get his life back on track, and works at Burger time, only to see Tails again. Sonic tries to be polite but Tails continues to harass and rub his success about his knew iphone game in Sonic's face. Sonic also got mad at Tails when he ran over and killed the kid who was gonna give him money. During the making of One-Bad Character, Tails was willing to make amends with Sonic, which Sonic then formulates a plan to kill Tails, after profoundly daydreaming of murdering Tails, first by letting him be the main character. Tails messes with the movie in a way to torture Sonic, but when he learns what Sonic was up to, he was pissed. In season 5, things went back to the way they were, only Sonic treated Tails more badly, such as hitting him, not telling him about the party in StarCraft, and ignoring his ideas in "Shadow." Sonic does still seems to care about Tails considering he's come to his aid in "Street Rage" and was willing to make sure he had a good life when he changed the past.

Sonic has a various amount of love lifes. The first was shown in Metroid when he had sex with Mother Brain, and thus Soniqua was born. Sonic's next relationship was shown in Double Dragon where he went out on a date with the female grunt. Donkey Kong seemed attracted to Sonic, but Sonic didn't want anything to do with her/him despite the fact she/he saved his life. Then in "Peach" he told the princess to give her a call when she wasn't bonkers, and in "Wrestlemania" she showed up, indicating Peach still saw Sonic as her new captor. Then appears Amy, Sonic's alleged stalker who he rejects. He had also had sex with Lucca from Chrono, but decided to keep himself from doing so to prevent her from getting pregnant with twins. After two failed attempts he has Eggman Take his place.

Sonic was used a few times for prositution "as he mentioned it in Golden Axe" for he was hired by Thunderhead to make out with Tyras Flaire. He also seems to have pervy side since he made out with Birdo after he killed Toad, not caring if she was either male or female. He also made a roofied cocktail for the cheerleaders in "Tecmo Bowl".

Sonic doesn't seem to mind gay people as shown in both "Link" and in " Peach" claiming that there was nothing wrong with being gay. He even used an excuse that he was gay at least 3 times, "Metroid" "Kirby" and "Wrestlemania" .

Sonic also treats his friends, especially Eggman and Tails, like crap and will use them at times to get what he wants. Though he does seem to value them alot, considering they came to his aid in "The Battle." He seems to really despize Thunderhead for his perverted personallity, and he's creeped out by Kirby for his love of murdering. Despite that, he seems to care about them. He was willing to make sure they all had a good life once he changed the past.

Sonic starts to feel the stress from being a mob boss in "Duck Hunt" and all that pressure leads him to try to fight the dog, only to get the crap beaten out of him, until Tails saves him with Seniqua's help. When Tails tries to take over the position of Mob Boss, Sonic fights him, only to end up injured and broke after Tails blows up the money and office.

In "Restart", Sonic tries to get his life together again and manages to Work at Burger Time again. He Tells Knuckles he changed his ways and is no longer selfish, rude, or a jerk anymore. However because Tails kept rubing his success in Sonic's face and threw a vanilla shake at his face, Sonic goes back to his old ways.

In "Pokemon", Sonic might be suffering from seizures. In the episode "Two Bad Characters", he reunites with Tails, and covers up his plan to murder Tails by telling him that he should get some top-billing, but Tails becomes very trustworthy of this.

In "El Padrino", Sonic goes to South America to pick up Eggman & Jim, but Eggman was far too reluctant to leave, so he was dragged away by Sonic & Jim. Then in "Movie Magic", Tails and Sonic had agreed to switch roles during production of "Two Bad Characters", so that Tails can "spice up" Sonic's boring life, much to the annoyance of Sonic.

In "The Red Carpet", Sonic runs into a boiler room to finish off Tails, who follows him into the room. Sonic then presumably urinates on the boiler after hearing screams of fright causing it to explode and blasting him and Tails to into outer space.

In the beginning of Season 5, Sonic gets even with Tails by hitting him and insulting him. He is then made the new captain of StarFox, since Fox was gone, and Peppy and Slippy didn't want Tails as their leader. He is now currently undertaking missions for the leader of a space organization. Later he reunites with Jim and Eggman. During that time he apologizes to Jim and Eggman for what happend at the movie premire, and let them insult Tails.

During their time in space, sonic grows bored with it, and starts to get hungry. It seems he was willing to eat anything, such as in "Aliens" He was willing to eat the alien eggs, and the alien that shot out of Tails's stomach. Although, he did desire to eat Eggman if they didn't find any food in "Blaster Master".

Sonic then decides to change the past In season 6 so he can have a better life, but it proves to be alot of trouble since people keep stealing the epoch.

Eggman stated that Sonic is a master of Disguise.

List of Jobs in Season 1 and 2

In the beginning of the series Sonic needed money to get by so Tails managed to get him some jobs to help him get by.

Sonic first started as a paper boy, but after a while Sonic had enough and threw a newspaper at a window and stole a TV and fled the scene when the cops came. In "punch drunk" Sonic was a boxer, he was doing well until he found out Tails bet against him. In "Toejam and Earl" Sonic was hallucinating that he was capturing humans with Toejam and Earl when in reality he dropped acid and wondered off and was throwing jars at people for no reason. In "Robotnik" he was helping Quebert in the beginning then went to go unclog Eggman's toilet which disgusted him. Even after unclogging it, Eggman just ran off without paying Sonic the money. In Street fighter, Sonic and Tails were anouncers for a fight against Blanka and Chung Li only for Eggman to screw it up and cause Blanka to shock Sonic. In "Earthworm Jim" Sonic was hired to keep Bob the goldfish away from Jim's suit while he went to crawl outside, Sonic got curious about what the suit could do only to find out it did nothing, so he murders Bob, and steals Jim's suit and tv.In Burgertime, Sonic is hired by Knuckles to make burgers for Eggman, which he does, but gets aggressive with him and gets fired. However, it didn't matter to Sonic so much as he added a "SPECAIL SAUCE" to the burgers. In "Oregon trail" He was leading some people across and they started to annoy him with their arguing, he left them for a moment to get some help from an indian cheif only to then get high. When he returned he found that the people had died, and then went back to get high again. In "metroid" he becomes an escort for mother brain only to end up in bed with her and thus Seniqua was born. In kirby, Sonic was hired by Kirby to kill the residents of Ice Creamland, which he does and cries about it. In Tetris when was helping the player with tetris but then Eggman and Earthworm Jim come in seaking revenge (mostlyto get Jim's suit) only to find out that it was used as a diaper for Seniqua, it's revield that Sonic has to pay child support. In Golden axe Sonic is hired by Glithe to get laid by Trightress while he pleasures himself. Sonic's against it at first but agrees after they offer to pay him Triple. In Kid Icarus Sonic's hired by Pit to get him a nurse, but gets fustrated by Pit when he's being impacient. This causes sonic to trick Pit into falling off the edge, and then he gets turned into an eggplant.

In Season 2 Sonic starts to find his own jobs because Tails was hospitilized. In Excite bike, Sonic is turned back to normal, and is hired as a replacement of one of the racers in excite bike, only for his to go off the ramps too high and crash into Tails. In Dig Dug, he meets up with Tazio Hotori and wants a job, only to learn that Tazio was going underground to kill the monsters with an airpump or crush them with a rock. Like with kirby, sonic found that disturbing since he saw no harm in the monsters, and got into an arguement with Tazio, only for him to try to kill sonic, but sonic takes his airpump fills him up with air and Tazio pops and flies off, and Sonic steals his wallet. In Pacman, Sonic shows off his skills to pacman, but that only gets him yelled at, and then he's hired by the ghost gang to kill pacman, which he does, but then the ghosts fly off without changing him back. In Bomberman, it's take your daughter to work day, and Sonic takes Soniqua to work with him which is helping bomberman defuse the bombs, which he feeds to Soniqua and impresses Bomberman. The two become friends, but Soniqua accidentally kills him when she spits out a bomb.

In Mortal Kombat, Sonic is hired to battle a retarded alien kid named Gurru since he loves death matches. Sonic tries reasoning with him about with life, but then Gurru tries to kill him, only for Seniqua to rescue him. Sonic is hired to play on a Russian hockey team in "Ice Hockey", only to end up killing them with his "Zamboni Poni" and get arrested. Tails bails him out, but the money was later discovered to be from Mario. This causes Sonic to work for Mario until he pays off his debt.

Working for Mario

His first job was to kill Toad because he's been slipping up on his job of protecting Princess Peach, which Sonic does, then has face sex with Birdo. Sonic's next job is to kill the Angry birds, which he does with Alcellzer and rice. Sonic did good for Mario but slips up when he fails to kill the brothers from double dragon (thanks to Eggman and Earthworm Jim) and kills Bub and Bob from bubble bobble hoping it'd make up for it...which it didn't. However, Mario gave him another Shot and sent him to kill frogger which Luigi watching him, again Sonic messes this up when Luigi licks frogger, gets high, and fails to save him from getting hit by a bus. In "Donkey Kong Country" Sonic and Tails try to cover up Luigi's death (which Mario buys) and then sends them to pick up some TNT barrels since Mario felt like blowing up some worlds. When they got there, Donkey Kong (dressed as Candy) was guarding the barrels and would move for a kiss and sex, Sonic was of course disgusted, but then Mario showed up revieling that frogger told him everything, and tries to kill Sonic, only to get pushed off a cliff by Dk, and then Sonic pushes DK off, since he was still reluntant to have sex with him. In the battle part one, Tails thinks they should be hiding since Sonic is responsible for killing Mario, the biggest crime boss on the planet, they would be endangered for a mob hit. Sonic brushes it off saying there was nothing to worry, only for Mario to come in alive with his goon friends and everyone else that hates sonic, seaking revenge and destroys Sonic's poster in the process. In part 2 Sonic, along with Tails, Eggman, Kirby, Earthworm Jim, and Gilius fight against Mario and his goons, and in the end Sonic kills Mario, and becomes the new crime boss, and he replaces his poster with Dominic Wilkins frozen in carbonite.

The New Mob Boss

In season 3, Sonic's just getting use to being the new mob boss, but he has no idea what a mob boss does, but Tails suggests the strung arm a bar. In Tapper, Sonic gets temporary ownership of a bar, which he and Tails try to get money out of. At first Sonic's excited about it, but he gets sick of it and wants it burned down, only for Kirby to beat him to it. In Link, Sonic tries to rob an old blacksmith which fails, so Tails decided that they should find Princess Peach since she was closer to Mario. Link comes along and decides to help the group out with Margaritas which Sonic, Eggman, Earthworm Jim, and Giligus are excited about, but Tails says they need to get it together or some other crime family's gonna knock them out. It seems that Link was leading them to Peach...but he lead them to Margarita manor. In Peach, Sonic, and Tails find Princess Peach, only to see she's a lil messed up and has stockholmsyndrom. Peach fails to give them any advice, but fortunatly Eggman and Earthworm Jim find Princess Potatoe, who knows Mario very well.

In "Casino Zone: Parts 1 to 3", Sonic, Tails ,Eggman, Earthworm Jim, Soniqua, Princess Potato, and Kirby formed a team to rob Casino Zone. The first part consisted of Princess Potatoe telling them about Mario's plot to rob Casino Zone. Sonic was given the role Master of Disguise. They were gonna take Vanoid along because he can disable the parrticle excellerator, but Eggman (who formerly owned casino zone) remembered he never installed it, and used the money to buy a slurpy machine so they wouldn't need him. But since he heard the plan to rob Casino Zone, Sonic killed him. In part 2 Sonic was captured and learned the new owner of casino zone was Shredder, who was gonna force Sonic to do an ice show called Sonic on ice. Sonic was excited about the idea much to Shredder's surprise, thus earning Sonic a new job as an actor. In part 3, Sonic enjoys his ice show and meets up with Tails who tells him they can still pull off the heist. Sonic is relunctant at first but Tails changes his mind when he tell him how much money there is in the safe. Regrouping with the others (minus Kirby and Potato) Sonic and the others learn from Tails that Shredder never locks the safe, so they would need some disguieses to get to the vault, SOnic tries to call Mr. Disgueses, but he didn't answer, so they just used the costumes from the ice show to get to the vault and rob it. Shredder comes out distraught and tells Sonic of all the plans he had for him and begs him not to leave, and starts crying, distrubing Sonic in the process, and Tails accidentally reveals to the others they stole rings (which are considered worthless). Sonic makes it up to the group with the buffet and half-priced tickets for Sonic on Ice. Later, in "Tecmo Football", Sonic and Tails were unable to make it up to the others with the whole Casino thing, so they took them to a football game...where they were the ones playing. Sonic bet against them to lose, but he starts getting so good that he forgets they were suppose to lose in order to win the bet. Tails fixes this by having Gilius run Sonic and a few of the other players down with a tank, disqualifying the team and making them win the bet.

In " The War: Part 1", Sonic is now used to being a mob boss, but then Darth Vader enters in and challenges Sonic to a battle (because him and his mob family were making too much noise). Sonic refuses at first but after Vador unfreezes Dominic Wilkins, Sonic accepts the challenge, and he along with Tails, Soniqua, Eggman, and Earthworm Jim go against Vader, Luke, and 3 storm troopers in "Family Feud". In "The War: Part 2", thanks to Soniqua, Sonic's mob family wins. However, Vader tries to kill Sonic, but only to be defeated and killed by the blind Dominic Wilkins. Sonic was last seen with Tails, Eggman, Earthworm Jim, Kirby, Gilius, Seniqua, and Wilkins celebrating their victory, and smiles at the ghosts of Mario, Vader, and Louie Anderson. In "Wrestlemania" Sonic gets sick of Mother Brain, Amy, Peach, and the girl grunt's arguing to the point where he arranges them to fight over him. Amy wins, but he once again (like always) rejects her. In "Duck hunt" Sonic starts to get under a lot of stress from everything that's been happening. While he claims he's fine, Tails seems concern. Sonic shoots an airplane, and tries to hit the ducks, but the stress gets to him after all the dog's constant mocking (which he keeps refering to as a moose until the end). Sonic goes to fight the dog, only to be mauled until Tails saves him with the help of Soniqua, thus leaving Sonic in the hospital giving him the rest he needs. In Contra, Tails takes over the mob boss family much to Sonic's liking. Tails claims he plans on keeping Sonic and make him do random jobs, but Sonic angrily declaires, it's on. In "It's on" Sonic battles Tails up to the point where he chases him through various areas such as Donkey Kong Country, Mortal Kombat, and Excite Bike, all the way back to his office. He's horrified to see Tails about to blow up the bag of money they won in "Techmo Football" and tries to make a deal with Tails, which fails. Tails blows up the office and the money, leaving Sonic injured and broke. He lives back in his old home, and reviled to have a Jarred Wilkins poster, and claims it's time to go to work.

Back to the rut

In Season 4, Sonic works at Burger Time again, and tries to start fresh with a clean sleave, but Tails ruins it by rubbing his success in Sonic's face. Sonic goes back to his old ways, and ends up burning Burger Time down, and steals Knuckles Moeped. In Atari Sonic is back to his old ways, and he his forced to work for an old game called Atari and clear the aliens. The general snaps at him for his numerous comments on how he messed up any other game he was in and up to the point where sonic kills the aliens and leaves. He then goes to an old E.T. game, and meets Eliot who wants him to help him build a phone for E.T. Sonic wanted him to get his mom's purse which Eliot agrees but he is killed when Tails runs him over to gloat at Sonic. Sonic out of rage leaves to find E.T. and the two get high, and ride a bike *spoof from the move* only for E.T. to fall and get killed, and Sonic falls aswell and gets arrested and he meets up with Thunderhead again.

Sonic made a small cameo in the Mega Man Dies at the End episode "On the Lam" Where him and THunderhead are digging their way out of their jail cell which leads them into the Final Fanasty area in "Final Fanasty." In the beginning of the episode Sonic and Thunderhead are arguing over Star wars. The duo then meet 4 characters from the final fantasy series (White Mage, Thief, Warrior, and Piper) fighting a monster. The 4 characters offered them to fight along with them, and Sonic scofts at the characters attacks on the monster and has Thunderhead show them how to fight by using his axe. The final fantasy characters scold at them for it wasn't their turn, which Sonic scofts at. During the arguement, Thunderhead summons a dragon which kills the monster. The 4 heroes are impressed and offered Sonic and Thunderhead to come live with them; however, Thunderhead summons the dragon which kills them. Sonic snaps at him because he killed the people who were going to treat them as kings, but Thunderhead said he did it only because he didn't have enough ass wine. Sonic gets even more mad when Thunderhead said he's going to stay with him.

In the next episode "Pokemon" Thunderhead and Sonic go to the pokemon world "After Thunderhead said something about an underground battle match". They meet the male player (from pokemon platnum) and are up against Sinequa and her dog. Soic sends Thunderhead out there, and he uses his dragon but it doesn't effect the dog, and then just like Sonic, he gets mauled by the dog. The Pokemon Trainner then demands that Sonic pays up for his lost, only to find he doesn't have money, so he tries to get Sinequa to kill sonic, but gets killed instead. Sonic happily reuntes with his daughter and the two leave. Sinequa asks him if they could take the dog with them, but Sonic tells her he has to stay, especially since he befriended Thunderhead.

Sonic made a small appearance in "Cash explosion" since the episode focused on how Tails was living his new life. Tails claims he didn't miss Sonic at all and was glad to have gotten rid of him. Tails sent Sonic a package that exploded in his face. Sonic chuckles a bit and then calls Tails an asshole.

In Scribblenauts, he works for Maxwell who says to help him but instead says at the end of the episode that he's going to rob a gas station, which happens in MegaMan where he meets up with Mega Man and Co. who he talks with until they leave and the gas station blows up. In The New Kirby, he works for Kirby who's now a Hollywood producer and makes a movie about him with Tails as his co-star which Sonic doesn't approve. In Two Bad Characters, He changed the name to Two Bad Characters with Tails as the main character. In "El Padrino" Sonic goes to South America to get Eggman and Jim to be in his movie, telling them that they will be able to get coke and women. El Padrio then tries to kill Sonic with his cannibal teen celebrity girls, only for Sonic to kill them. After that, Padrio lets gives Sonic Jim and Eggman.

During "Movie Magic", Sonic and Tails have switched roles, but this serves to be a problem as Tails has added things to the movie to "Spice Up" Sonic's "Boring" Life. Sonic is enraged by this, especially when Tails once again takes the role of his position in the first episode of season 4. In "The Red Carpet", Sonic runs into a boiler room to finish off Tails, who follows him into the room. Sonic then presumably urinates on the boiler after hearing screams of fright causing it to explode and blasting him and Tails to into outer space.

Sonic in Space

In "Star Fox", Sonic becomes the New Captain of Star Fox because not only was the original leader Fox gone, but Peppy and SLippy didn't want Tails as their leader. Sonic also begins to beat up and insult Tails for everything he put him through in season 4. Peppy then has Sonic go battle Andross, a villain in Star Fox, but as Sonic goes to kill him, he learns of Andross's depressing life and encourages him to go to earth to become a celeberty. However, he then kills him because he remembered that if he didn't kill Andross, he wouldn't get paid. Sonic then orders Slippy to punch Tails. In "Aliens" Sonic quickly hates space and gets annoyed that Slippy didn't come back with food for him and Tails. They both then get assigned on a mission by a General Space Dog to go to a planet and kill some Aliens, and their queen. On the Planet, Sonic kills two of the three Aliens that are attached on Tails' face (he didn't bother with the 3rd one, and comments on how tails got to eat something despite the fact the aliens laid babies in his stomach, and wanted Tails to save some of the eggs for him to eat). The two then find out that the Queen of the Aliens is none other than Alf, since he has been out of work since the 90's. Sonic and Tails easily become disgusted with Alf after he lays a few eggs and Kill him. Tails Then gives birth to one of the alien babies that come out of his stomach, only for Sonic to kill it and ask Tails if they could probably grill it. In "Joust" Sonic and Tails are sent to another planet to ride Space Ostriches and kill the others for their eggs. SOnic hates it but Tails doesn't. They then meet up with Jim and Eggman who have survived the explosion when they sensed something was wrong. Sonic apologizes but they seem to be okay with it. Eggman asked if Sonic and Tails made amends, which Sonic agrees to only he treats him more badly now, and gives the two permission to insult Tails, which they do. When Eggman has trouble with his ostrache and falls in the magma, the others decide to leave him and find some food. In "Blaster Master" Sonic and co still haven't found food, and Sonic was thinking about eating Eggman, which Tails agrees and talks about eating Eggman's genitals like a lion, which disgusts Sonic. Sonic then get a client from "Blaster Master" who wants Eggman to Fix his up his tank Sophia for a mission. With Sonic, Tails, and Jim's help, Eggman fixes up the ship. Though, during the montage, Sonic hits Tails for watching a video on Lions. However, the ship wasn't built to the kid's standards, and he angrily leaves. Sonic notices the guns that were left behind only for him and the others to find out that Eggman took them out to make room for the fish tank. At the end of the episode, the kid gets killed while he was on the mission. In "Mother Brain", Sonic praises Eggman for stealing cable from a starlight dish, only to be sent on a mission by General Pepper (the space dog) on a mission to kill Mother Brain. He is reluctant, yet goes anyway with Tails. Unfortunatly Mother Brain knew General Pepper would send someone over to kill her, so she was prepared. Tails suggested that Sonic distracts Mother Brain by offering to have sex with her (again). Sonic, however, could not do it, and was about to kill her, only to realize he forgot the guns, so he used Tails to improvise, which failed. Out of anger, mother brain sent her metroids to kill Sonic only to be saved by Soniqua (Who survived the explosion). He makes everything up to Mother Brain by letting her, Soniqua, and the remaining Metroids move into Great Fox. In "Asteroids" General Pepper wanted Sonic to go blow up some asteroids, but Sonic refused to, so Jim and Eggman took over considering there was a Buffalo wild wings not far away, only to bring back a giant space worm named Mark. Sonic spent the entire episode watching TV with Tails, and his family.

Sonic made a cameo along with Tails on Machinima's video Thanking people for their 5 million subscribers. He decided to use it to get money and asked each of the 5 million people tosend him a dollar, only for Tails to say he can't do that. Sonic snaps back saying nobody likes him.

In "Destroy Venom", Sonic and co were sent on a mission to planet Venom. Sonic was getting annoyed because he didn't know what the mission was, everyone was either goofing off or not telling him what the mission was, and it was cutting into his nap time. Peppy told him that the mission was to eliminate the fighter jets and planet venom and establish a working democracy. Sonic came up with a plan and it involved Him and frank destroying the fighter jets, but Earthworm Jim told him frank was dead. Fed up, Sonic decided that they should skip the mission, got to Es Spacio's tacos, and tell General Pepper to fuck off, which everyone agreed, thus they all raced to the Taco stand. Later in "Star Wars" Sonic, Eggman, Jim, and Tails are summoned to Tatooine by Luke. It was originally a distressed signal, but Luke claims it wasn't, and desperatly wants Sonic and co to kill him. Luke then takes them to meet the Zarlac, who also wants Sonic and co to kill him. Sonic wasn't sure about it, because he wasn't sure if killing Luke would make him a Jedi or a fugitive. However, Earthworm Jim, who couldn't stand the heat and was drying, threw Luke and his ship into the Zarlac and then shot it several times. The following episode, "Rocket Knight Adventures", Sonic gets a hot tub to help Earthworm Jim, but at the same time Tails, Eggman, and him are also enjoying it, until Eggman gets an erection. Sparkster comes and asks for Sonic's help in saving his Kingdom from General Lisomo Lioness. Things start out okay, but after fighting dogs, pigs, lizards, and later another pig Sparkster claims to be the General, Sonic starts getting confused and angry. Sparkster breaks down and tells him that two sequels came out after his first game and then things got too confusing and cries over his image being ruined by shitty games, something sonic could relate to. Sonic then changes the subject of getting through the mission, paid and leaving, but because Sparkster couldn't pay him, Sonic shot him and shouted "All hail General Lisimo Lioness!!!!"

In "Starcraft" Sonic and co. are sent to a planet to help build Marine colonies. Sonic, Eggman, and Jim aren't satisfied, but Tails is. Eggman decides to bail, but then sends Sonic a tweet inviting him to a party. Sonic makes up an excuse to go look for Eggman, and leaves. Later he sends one of the Soilders a tweet telling him to come to the party, bring Jim, and ditch Tails. It was revieled Eggman was caught by the Zurgs, but when they took his dna, they all just started to eat pizza, and space beer. Everyone was cool, but then the Zurgs began to get annoying, and the soilder killed them.

In Shadow, Sonic got through explaining to Tails what a Matreal Meatpie, which grossed his sidekick out, only for Sonic's old rival Shadow the Hedgehog to enter with a bag full of stolen TVs, Xbox's, weed, beer, and the chaos emeralds. The cops were on his Tale, but Tails had an idea that Sonic should go super Sonic, kill the cops, go back to earth, bring Mario back to life, have him become the mob boss and sell the weed so they all could get money and become rich and powerful. Unfortunately for Tails, While Sonic did become Super Sonic, he only used his power to get the Xbox to work, and then the cops came in and shot Shadow in the spine. He then finishes telling the cops what a Matreal Meatpie was. In "Falco" Sonic, Eggman, Jim, and Tails return from a Galica Mission and wanted to celebrate by cooking up some of the aliens from Galica. By the time they returned, Fox and Falco returned from Hollywood from making movies from Kirby and wanted to take the ship back. Sonic couldn't really remember Fox McCloud, and wanted to keep the ship. Falco tried to get Sonic and co to leave by threatening to shoot them. Sonic didn't really take the threat serously considering Falco shot Slippy. Falco then challenged Sonic to a SPACE RACE!; Sonic made Eggman upgrade his space ship so he could defeat Falco. Amongst the deepfryers, Eggman added a special button that could help him win. In the end, Sonic cheated because at the start of the race, he hit the button that unleashed two wrecking balls, missiles, giant fists, more missiles, and a bomb, killing Falco. In the latest season 5 episode "Space Chicken", Sonic and Fox started to fight only for Fox to wanting to settle it like real men. Eggman suggested beach volleyball, but Sonic was reluctant considering it was ridiculous and wanted another space race, only for Fox to call SPACE CHICKEN!; Tails and the others wanted to go home, but Sonic didn't want to because he didn't want to go back to his old life. But Tails convinced him to go back to earth. However, when the gang get into Sonic's ship, he then decides to play Space Chicken and crashes into Fox's ship which sends them crashing into Sonic's house. Sonic then asks if anyone wants to watch some poster.

Time Travel Adventure

At the beginning of the Season 6 Premiere called "Chrono Trigger", Sonic and Tails are watching posters in Sonic's house, but he's starting to be bored. Sonic didn't know why they were at his place and not at Tails's mansion. Tails revieled he had a crazy party that lasted for 3 days, but it needed to air out after Eggman had disgusting meth sex. Sonic was heartbroken because nobody told him about it, but Tails stated nobody wanted to see him after the whole "Space Chicken" incident. Sonic then decided to go back in time so he could stop himself from destroying his career, not caring how many holes in the story there were. He went to see Lucca, a girl he had sex with and got her pregnant with two twins, to borrow the epoch, a ship that could travel through time. He first went back in time to stop himself from having sex with Lucca, but ended up going back twice because he had sex with her, by the third try, he had Eggman take his place and then Went off to save his career. In "Sonic Knuckles", Sonic went back to the time where him and Knuckles were fighting Eggman in the 90's. He then destroys the final robot, and tells Knuckles his future that he owns a secondary burger joint that he burns down with a crack pipe. Sonic then goes to Tails and tells him not to invest his money in that Dreamcast stock, but Tails already did. Sonic then tells him to invest the money in Microsoft, and Apple, find a guy named Zuckerburg and have him get laid or something. Sonic then decides to go find some videogame people to make sure him and Tails gets rich. When he comes back to the present, he finds his house is a mansion and finds out Princess Potato is the President of the United States. In "Streets of Rage," Sonic's enjoying his new life. Amy has become his new assistant.  Sonic call Tails only to find out his sidekick is now broke and living on the streets. Sonic then goes to his garage hoping for a kick ass ride, but ends up with a girly-bike. It shocks Amy considering he always goes for the Super-hero mobiles *Sonic was not aware of this due to his time travel.* Sonic finds Tails being attacked by some goons, Big Ben and another guy, in Baulivar of broken crack-pipes. The two guys finish beating up Tails, and try to sexually assult Sonic who then blows them up with a lazer gun in the girl trycicle. Tails reveals Zuckerburg screwed him out of his money and he's left broke. Sonic then decides they should go back in time and kill Zuckerburg, and offers Tails to get cleaned up at his place. At the end of the episode, The epoch gets stolen by Eggman. In "Eggman,"  Eggman changes the future by going back in time of Sonic and Knuckles, and takes the Emeralds and goes to rule the world. This causes Sonic to lose all his money. Him and Tails then go to confront him only to finds out he had become morbily obese and is having his badniks was his fatfolds. (They first thought he was Kathleen Turner) Eggman revels his currents state was because he invented the taco sandwitch (Two tacos for bread, and in the middle 10 tacos).  Eggman then tells  them that Crash stole the epoch because since Eggman changed the past, Crash became Popular. Sonic goes to confront Crash, to get the epoch back, He first thought he was Bubsy.

In "Crash Bandicoot" Sonic tries to get teh epoch back, but Crash refuses to give it back. He then gives Sonic a tour of his new career starting with an old videogame, Pingpong, and reveals that he takes old games and gives them a "Bandicoot Makeover". Sonic thinks it's a sex-move, but it's not. Crash finishes the make-over, but Sonic hates it, and takes Crash's design and burns it, then gives the game the "Sonic Touch." The game then has stereos, girls, chili-dogs, Flying Toasters, and a sign that says Sonic & Pong. Crash is horrified, and then Sonic kidnaps him, takes him to another Game and straps him into an electric chair. He then tortures Crash into telling him where the epoch was. Crash tells him it was in his garage. Sonic then goes to get it back, but then switches the chair on, leaving Crash to be electricuted to death. "In Thunderhead" Sonic confronts Eggman revieling he got the epoch back, Eggman though he said Ewock, Sonic annoyed leaves the enourmous fat eggman and once again goes back in time to the 90's of Sonic and Knuckles so he and everyone can live the good life. He goes back to the moment him and Knuckles are fighting eggman and uses the catchphrase "Don't go there Bi-atch!" This causes knuckle's head to explode, and he takes Knuckles corpse and throws it at eggman's ship destroying it. When he goes back to the Present he finds out Thunderhead has been inpersinating him to the Point where he was dubbed the Real Sonic. Sonic then Challenges Thunderhead to a Spin-dash challenge. Sonic Automatically wins because Thunderhead couldn't do one. Suddenly, The time changes again due to Princess Potatoe taking the epoch and going back in time. However, this causes the Return of Sonic's long time rival, and old mafia boss, Mario.

Sonic had made an apperance in the final episode of Megaman dies at the End. He was hired by Rocksteady and Bebop to kill the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, who were about to kill Megaman for destroying their home. Megaman's old nemises come back to try and kill him. Eggman and Dr. Willy had teamed up to create a giant robot to destroy them, but it backfired. This caused Megaman to fight them and kill them himself. Sonic and the others were annoyed with Megaman's comebacks, and Megaman decides that him, Sonic, and the two doctors should band together as a team. However, Sonic pushed Megaman into the spikes killing him, because he didn't want to share the spotlight. Sonic had also ate some of the drug-pizza that the turtles had.

In the avengers," With Mario back, he hires bounty hunters to kidnap Sonic and bring him to Mario alive. The first group are defeated when Sonic tells them Eggman is SOnic and Jim kills them. Realizing the seriousness, Sonic adn co go to find help and protection and go to the avendgers. Unfortunately Mario hired them to capture Sonic, which they did at the ending, and take off, leaving behind Catness who gets treated like crap.


In "Return Of The Plumber", something bad happens when Sonic is killed by Mario. However, his death turns out to be the best thing that ever happens because all of a sudden world peace happened. Soniqua relieved to still be alive and exists, then goes on a rampage to avenge and bring back Sonic. Sonic's corpse is seen being urinated by Mario in "Soniqua Mad" being dubbed his "Pissing corpse." It could be possible that Sonic's death ment ultamate distruction of the time frame. In "Flaming Bag of Poop" Sonic's corpse is still there, but attracting flies. Finally after so long, Tails, Eggman, and Jim come in, intending to pull a prank with the classic flaming bag of dog shit, to rescue Soniqua and they take Sonic's body and run. Their prank causes the building to be set on fire, and they get out of Mario's lair. When they were planning to use the epoch to bring sonic back to life, it was destroyed due to the bullet bowser Mario wanted to use to kill Soniqua.


Sonic is brought back to life in "Things Get Messy." Tails, Earthworm Jim, and Eggman go to Lucca to see if Chrono has another time machine, only to reveal there's a whole bunch of them. For some reason with whatever they did, Not only did it bring Sonic back to life, but it made Tails freakishly tall, Jim became a Yoshi, and Eggman became a baby. Sonic revealed that Mario became a chicken farmer for whatever the trio did, and then time starts to get a bit messed up. In the end they're at Sonic's old crappy home, and Sonic decides to leave things, until he is transformed into Wario.

In "This Can't Be Good" Sonic and the gang have gotten use to their new freakish selves. However, Tails states that they couldn't remain this way forever and propose the gang travel back in time to the beginning of the series in order to fix whatever they did wrong. Sonic denies this at first but Tails reminds him what he looks like (Wario). Using the epoch (most likely been restored after time got messed up) the gang start to relive season 1, the events however are changed in that Tails, Jim, and Eggman assist Sonic in his jobs. At the end the gang is at Burger Time, Knuckles wonders why everyone looks weird, Sonic reveals that they messed up the time stream and are now reliving past events. Knuckles decides to join, stating that Burger Time sucks and the chefs an asshole ( the chef appears and ask for mutant pickles to step on). Tails tells Sonic that bringing knuckles would be bad, but Sonic ignores him. The group end up in the 90s where Sonic and Knuckles defeated Eggman (everyone is back to normal, Eggman is in the cockpit of his robot while Tails and Jim are standing next to Sonic), Sonic tells Tails nothings wrong, but the group turns around and see a second Sonic, Knuckles, and Eggman. The episode ends with both Sonics saying "This can't be good" at the same time.

After seeing he second versions of Sonic, Knuckles, and Eggman, Tails says they most kill their doubles before something topsy-turvy happens. Sonic, fortunately has already killed his second self, after Knuckles and Eggman killed their second selves, the group noticed the world was falling apart. The group run to kill the second Tails and Jim, but don't make it in time to kill the second Tails (the original saying he was looking forward to it). Now everyone is in Sonic's apartment and start to freakout at the brink of death. Sonic then says "I wished it wouldn't have come to this" and walks to a life sized Sega Genesis and press the rest button. The screen turns black, flashes blue, and the sega logo appears. In the end 4 pixels, each color coded to identify the gang, appear and question what happened, a blue pixel (Sonic) appears and says "And you're welcome." to the other pixels. After the credits, pixel sonic thanks the audience for watching the latest season 6 episode and that later this year (2013) the final season of the series will air. He finishes off by saying that it's up to the viewers to decide how the series would conclude, and wishes for a ending with a boat full of women and cash.