“Whoever swerves first has to leave the ship and buy the other guy a bucket of chicken!” — Sonic

Sonic For Hire: Space Chicken (Season 5 Finale) is the thirteenth episode and season finale of the fifth season of the Sonic For Hire series and is the sixty-fifth episode overall. In this episode, Sonic and co. leave the Great Fox to play Space Chicken and leave Fox McCloud out.


Go home, play chicken.
— DVD description


After the events from Falco, Sonic and Fox were fighting, until Sonic decides another space race, and Fox decides space chicken, but then, Tails decides for Sonic and the others to leave the Great Fox. Then, Eggman, however, starts talking nonsense. Sonic then starts saying some line from goodies or some crap. Before they went home, Gillius Thunderhead arrived. On the way back home, Sonic revealed that he got everyone in one ship to play Space Chicken. Sonic steered the ship towards the Great Fox, but they were bounced back to earth crashing in Sonic's home. The episode ends with Sonic asking if they want to watch some poster.

Character Appearances



To view the transcript, click here.


  • This is the last Sonic For Hire episode to ever appear on Machinima.

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