Sonic For Hire: Star Wars is the eighth episode of the fifth season of the Sonic For Hire series and is the sixtieth episode overall. In this episode, Sonic and co. receives a stress signal and encounter Luke Skywalker.

Character Appearing


Sonic, Tails, and Eggman have arrived on the desert planet of Tatooine, attempting to answer a distress call. From what they can tell, not much is happening. Jim, being a worm, is drying up due to the desert heat and desperately requesting any means of moisture, be it water, mud, or moist grass. Luke Skywalker arrives to greet them, incredibly chipper. When Tails asks what the emergency is, Luke clarifies that there isn't any emergency, as Tatooine is a planet where nothing ever happens and Luke becomes inches from killing himself on a daily basis. Luke then suggests that they "tear up" the place. Eggman asks if these activities will involve "several hundred swimming pools", though Luke mentions that pools are illegal on the desert planet. Sonic takes notice of the burnt remains of the Lars Homestead and corpses of Owen and Beru Lars, as Luke mentions that he hasn't had much time to clean up given the "craziness" as of late (as clearly evidenced by the 10 billion metric tons of nothing happening).

When Tails asks what they can do for fun around here, Luke leads them to a giant hole in the sand. Jim begs to go to one of the many Moisture Vaporators they have passed. Luke insists that they will go after he has introduced him to the Sarlacc. Eggman is disturbed that Luke is friends with a giant hole in the ground he dubs "The Desert's Vagina" . Luke summons the Sarlacc, leading and he and the alien have a lengthy conversation about sand dunes being built up, before being shut down by Tails. The Sarlacc asks if they know Frank, who happens to be his cousin, which Sonic rapidly denies. Sonic and his friends prepare to leave, Luke wants the guys to toss him into the Sarlacc's mouth before they leave. The Sarlacc reveals that it too welcomes death with "open tentacles", hoping to choke on Luke before they leave. Sonic thinks about the possible repercussions of his action, but begins taking up too much time. Jim, nearly completely dehydrated, finally snaps and throws both Luke and his Landspeeder into the Sarlacc's mouth, then shoots the creature 30 times, demanding water afterwards.