“Hey, Matt LeBlanka!” — Doctor Eggman

"Sonic For Hire: Street Fighter" is the fifth episode of the first season of the Sonic For Hire series. In this episode, Sonic and Tails get a job being commentators for a Street Fighter match.


Sonic and Tails get hired as live commentators in a Street Fighter match due to the death of the regular announcer, featuring Blanka vs. Chun-Li. However, right when the fight starts, Dr. Eggman arrives and starts annoying Sonic and Tails. When Tails orders Eggman to get lost, Eggman tells Tails that someone keyed "Pecker Face" on the Tornado, causing Tails to run off. With Tails gone, Eggman confesses to Sonic that he's the one responsible for the act and orders Chun-Li to do a high kick in a perverted manner. Getting annoyed, Sonic tells Eggman to shut up and tries to comment on the fight himself, but Eggman gets bored and decides to "liven up" the fight by calling Blanka "Matt LeBlanka" and then chucking his empty bottle at him. Seeing Blanka enraged, Eggman shifts the blame to Sonic and runs off, leaving Sonic to get electrocuted.

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