Taizo Hori was a character who appears in Sonic For Hire episode Dig Dug and The Battle: Part 02.

Dig Dug

He claims that his job is to dig into the homes of monsters and either crush them to death with a rock or pump their stomachs full of air until they explode. Sonic finds this disturbing and asks if he and Kirby could meet and get along believing that they're both psychopaths. Sonic comments on how the monsters don't look dangerous he asks how he would know just because of "a couple good games like 20 years and a shit load of shitty, shit since then!". He then yells that Sonic is no better than the monsters and deserves to die too, but Sonic steals Taizo's pump and blows him up, leaving his wallet and the monsters to rape the nearest village.

The Battle: Part 01

He appears with Mario's other goons and breaks Sonic's poster.

The Battle: Part 02

He begins to fight but he was quickly devoured by Kirby.