Sonic For Hire: Tapper is the first episode and season premiere of the third season of the Sonic For Hire series and is the twenty-seventh episode overall. In this episode, Sonic attempts to adjust to the life of a mob boss by strong-arming a bar.


It has been six months since Sonic has become a mob boss, and he has spent all that time lounging on the beach and getting alcohol poisoning (alongside food and sun poisoning as well). Sonic then asks Tails what mob bosses even do anyway. Tails struggles to come up with an answer, finally coming to the suggestion of strong-arming something/someone. Sonic finds this agreeable and the two head off to strong-arm a bar. One cured case of lead poisoning later (Sonic had somehow been drinking lead), Sonic and Tails arrive in Tapper. Sonic tries to threaten the Bar Heater into doing what he says, but the Heater just starts telling him to wash mugs. As Sonic goes to work, Tails explains that they are taking over for Mario and thus demand their cut of the profits. The Heater flat out admits that the place is tanking and gives them the keys. Sonic is psyched about this first accomplishment, reminiscing on the scene in Tombstone where Wyatt Earp wins the casino. Tails bemoans the fact that they now have to run the place and watches as Sonic uses his speed to deliver root beers at lightning speed. After a few seconds, Sonic becomes bored and orders the place to be burned down. Tails tells Sonic that Kirby lit a fire as soon as they walked in. With the bar in flames and the patrons burning alive, Kirby merrily strolls and sings through the chaos. Sonic and Tails can both agree on one thing: Kirby is a psycho.

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