“Changer, danger!” — Soniqua

"Sonic For Hire: Tetris" is the eleventh episode of the first season of the Sonic For Hire series. In this episode, Dr. Eggman and Earthworm Jim team up to get revenge on Sonic.


Sonic is busy guiding the falling block formations in Tetris, when Dr. Eggman arrives and wants revenge regarding the "special sauce" on his burgers five episodes ago. As Sonic tries to explain, Eggman falsely believes that the special sauce on his burgers was actually something extra salty to raise his blood pressure. He also says he never swallows the special sauce and always spits it out. This leaves Sonic at a loss for words as Eggman laughs at his assured victory and proceeds to let Earthworm Jim fly out of his backseat. Jim is now wearing a robotic suit and demands to know where Sonic left his original suit. Sonic claims that he meant to give it back, but had to wash it first. This makes Jim upset because his suit will be ruined due to being dry-clean only, but Sonic says that he hasn't washed yet and takes Jim and Eggman to Mother Brain's lair. Once there, they find out that Mother Brain used Jim's suit as a diaper for Soniqua (Sonic's child from two episodes ago) since she ran out of tinfoil. Jim swears to kill Sonic and tries to forcefully take his suit from Soniqua, but Soniqua throws him in self-defense, causing Eggman to run away. Sonic claims that they should run, since they mess with his family if they mess with him, but quickly goes after them when Mother Brain says he's late on paying child support.

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