[Sonic the Hedgehog is at Tetris.]

Sonic: Okay, flip it my way. [A Tetrimo flips to the right.] No. Don't lay it flat. Lay it top-flat. [The Tetrimo flips to the right, again.] Bottom-towards-the-bottom flat. [The Tetrimo flips any directions.] Wait, there's—there's Starburst size.

[Doctor Eggman's machine comes out ruining the Tetris game.]

Eggman: Hello, Sonic! It's payback time!

Sonic: Look, about that whole Burger Time thing—

Eggman: I know what you did with that special sauce.

Sonic: Don't worry, don't worry. I got tested, I'm clean—

Eggman: You made that special sauce extra salty so it would raise my blood pressure, didn't you? Well, what you didn't know is that I never swallow this special sauce. I always spit it out. So, you lose again!

[Eggman laughs.]

Sonic: Wow, I don't—I don't even know where to begin with that.

Eggman: Save your apologies 'til after I pull this big worm out of my backseat!

[Eggman's machine's backseat opens.]

Sonic: Okay, now you're just being ridic—

[Earthworm Jim appears out of Eggman's backseat, and wears a robotic suit.]

Jim: Your old pal, Eggman hooked me up with his little number. Now tell me where my suit is!

Sonic: Look, I've been meaning to give you your suit back. I just wanted to wash it first.

Jim: Whoa, whoa, whoa! Didn't you read the label? It's dry-clean only. You're gonna ruin it!

Sonic: Relax, Jamie Lee. I didn't do the wash yet. Come on, let's go get it.

[Eggman's machine tries to get up.]

Eggman: Eh, come on, turn over! [The Tetrimos flooded Eggman's machine.] Uh, I think I flooded this thing.

[Scene goes to Mother Brain's room.]

Mother Brain: Little Soniqua needs a changing, Sonic. And I need a refill.

Jim: You used my suit as a diaper?!

Mother Brain: We ran out of tin foil.

[Jim comes to Soniqua.]

Jim: You're dead, Sonic! [Jim tries to grab Soniqua's diaper.] Give me that thing, you fuckin' freak!

Sonic: I wouldn't do that if I were you.

Jim: Gimme that, you freak!

Soniqua: Stranger, danger!

[Soniqua grabs Jim and throws him out of here, leading Eggman running away.]

Sonic: Yeah, you better run! You mess with me, you mess with my family!

Mother Brain: You're late on the child support.

[Sonic runs away.]

Sonic: Wait up, guys!

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