Sonic For Hire: The Battle: Part 01 is the twelth episode of the second season of the Sonic For Hire series and is the twenty-fifth episode overall. See what happens in Sonic For Hire: The Battle: Part 02.


Sonic and Tails are back in Sonic's apartment. Sonic is picking baby spinach out of a bowl, lamenting its extremely short shelf life. Tails, on the other hand, is explaining that he and Sonic have been indirectly responsible for the death of the biggest mob boss on Earth and should go into hiding. Sonic does not think he is in any danger, not even if someone (Tails) tweets nasty shit about him. Tails still warns the hedgehog that mob hits are serious business. Sonic, meanwhile, correctly guesses that Mario survived his fall in the previous episode, made his way out of Donkey Kong Country, assembled an army of his own goons and other characters that hate Sonic, and will burst through the door and turn him into baby spinach. (almost all of which is shown in flashback). When nothing happens, Sonic boasts that he was right, then settles in to watch some poster. As it turns out, Sonic was wrong about Mario coming through the door, as the crime lord bursts through the wall instead, tearing the poster in half. With Mario is King Bowser, Dr. Wily (of Megaman), Mecha-Hitler (of Wolfenstein 3-D), Mike Tyson, a still eggplant Pit, a taped together Dig Dug, Dracula ( of Castlevania), and Blanka. Sonic is in anguish about the poster and claims that Mario has crossed the line. Tails is furious that Sonic would let him die but becomes furious about a poster. Mario asks if they can get to the murdering now. Sonic lets out a defeated "Fuck."

At the end screen, Sonic mentions that he knows the episode was rather short, but also points out he may die in the next one, asking the viewers if that means anything to them. Following this is a trailer for the Machinima series Taco-man: The Game Master.

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