“I can always fly. This sucks.” — Miles "Tails" Prower

Sonic For Hire: The Creator (FINAL EPISODE) is the twelfth and final episode of the seventh season of the Sonic For Hire series and is the ninety-first episode overall. In this episode, Sonic and Tails go thorough one last quest to find The Creator.


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Character Appearances


Sonic: So, we're going to spend the last episode sitting quietly on my pissed, soaked couch?!

Tails: Shut up! I'm trying to figure out the last clue to why this thing is always wet! Jesus, I'm glad this thing is almost over!

Sonic: Come on man, figure out already! Do something constructive for once!

Tails: Hey! I've been solving clues this whole time! Why don't you figure it out, asshole! When at the title, the code is the key!

Sonic: Oh, I've got it! Come on, hurry

Tails: Can't you just tell me now?

Sonic: There's no time.

(Sonic and Tails jump over a dead green creature; run past the dead Kung-Fu people)

Tails: (While running in a space ship) Can't you just tell me?

Sonic: No, no. No time.

Tails: (While running past Ice skating costumes)

Tails: When are you going to tell me?

Sonic: I don't know. Still no time.

Tails: (While running through the Dig-Dug game) We have a lot of time here for you to tell me that we're going to-

Sonic: No non no. No time.

Sonic: (In Sonic game) (pants)

Tails: Okay, clearly we've got time. Now can you just fucking tell me?!

Sonic: (Jumps off platform) No time...

(end music)

Tails: What are we doing here?!

Sonic: This is it! During the title screen, you can enter "Cheat code" to jump to any level you want!

Tails: You want this job? Sonic man, that version of you is fucking creepy. I don't like the skin tone eyelids.

Sonic: All right, here we go! Hold down up, down, left, right and start.

(A list of all the Sonic For Hire episodes appear in the background)

Tails: Holy shit! Look at this! It's a lot of suits! We have done a lot of stupid shit

Sonic: That you have. I'm awesome. Look, there it is! The Creator! Here we go!

(Sonic and Tails appear on some clouds)

Sonic: Woo hoo! It's like I'm inside a big old pillow.

Tails: Oh, shit! He's the Creator?

Santa Claus: Oh, I'm not the Creator. I'm Santa Claus. There's an awesome spy here and I'm just chillin' before my next treatment. Gonna get my toes done.

Sonic: Ah, we've been through this a million times already. If you're not the Creator, then get the hell out of my way!

Tails: You think we're gonna find this guy?

Sonic: I don't know. I'm ready to give up here. Lord & Taylor is hiring you.

Tails: You know, they wouldn't be so bad.

(Someone shines, blinding them)

Dominique Wilkins: Hey there, fellows.

Tails: Now, Dominique Wilkins, we were thinking...

Sonic: Wait! You know, can you be the Creator? You are a one-dimensional basketball star in the eighties.

Dominique Wilkins: Fuck you! I could rebound. Hmm, look, when you reset the world, I was assigned as the Creator, since I've always been your idol.

Sonic: You're not my idol. Rob Lowe is my idol! Everybody knows that!

Dominique Wilkins: Oh, but the poster? You used to stare at the poster of me for days and pray for things to get better.

Flashback: Sonic: I... I... just what it takes to get better! Please!

Sonic: That poster was there when I moved in and I was usually high as an angel dust.

Tails: Yeah you should pay the rest of the flashback.

Flashback: Sonic: I... I... just what it takes to get better! Please! Professor hot plate, make a better grilled cheese sandwich! You will? Haha! I'm so happy!

(Flips pan over)

Tails: Anyway... 'Nique, we've got so many questions for you like "What's the meaning of life" and "Why are the Kardashians a thing?"

Sonic: Yeah, what was the deal you will give me, the cat?

Dominique Wilkins: Slow down there. First, you must make the hardest decision of your life: You must kill your idol.

Sonic: Kill Rob Lowe?! No way!

Dominique Wilkins: We'll know me but honestly this was supposed to be tougher because I assumed that I was your idol because of the poster, and then be this whole tense emotional breakdown like he won't. Can he?

Sonic: (Shoots Dominique Wilkins) Yeah, can he?

Tails: We, uh, we never asked him why he was fucking with us. Kind of the point of this whole thing?

Sonic: Right. Hey 'Nique, why were you fucking but also hold on

Tails: He's dead.

Sonic: Son yet. Hold on 'Nique, why were you fucking with...

Tails: I said the whole. I shot him in the head.

Sonic: I know but there's like a buffer

Tails: There's no buffer. (Pause) So now what?

Sonic: Oh, well. (Sonic and Tails fly) What's happening?

Tails: What's going on here?

Sonic: Oh, shit! This is my chair! Does this mean- Yeah, I help you.

Tails: Haha! So what does that make me?

Sonic: I don't know, god secretary. Look, you can fly now.

Tails: That's cool, right? I can always fly. This sucks.

Sonic: Yeah, hold on. Just testing my new powers.

Mario: So, Mario brothers was the best video game of all... Woah! What's going on? I don't like floating in the air. Why is this statue floating at me?



  • The Creator is the twenty-sixth and final episode to ever appear on Happy Hour.
  • It's the ninety-first and final Machinima episode.
    • However, one of the fans of Sonic For Hire stated that the only way to revive the series is to get each episode (especially the seventh season's episodes) over 500,000 views.

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