the dog laughing

The Dog is a minor character who first in "Duck Hunt". Somehow Sonic gets very mad because he was laughing at him. The Dog made him so mad he started to fight. Sonic was quickly overpowered by The Dog, beaten up and had to stay in the hospital for a while. Soniqua asked Sonic if he could have The Dog and Sonic said sure. He reappears in "It's On", it's revealed that Soniqua trained The Dog to fight Pokemon like Pikachu. He appeared in the episode "Pokemon" where Soniqua had him fight Guilis Thunderhead. Guilis used his dragon attack on him, but The Dog was unharmed and quickly overpowered him. He then stays with Guilis.


  • The Dog is one of most powerful characters in the series, evident by easily defeating Sonic and surviving Guilis' dragon attack unharmed.


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