“In that message is… YOU'RE GONNA FUCKING DIIIIIEEEEE!!!!!” — Sonic the Hedgehog

Sonic For Hire: The Red Carpet (Season 5 Finale) is the thirteenth episode and season finale of the fourth season of the SONIC For Hire series and is the fifty-second episode overall. In this episode, the premiere of " fails & chronic: Two Bad Characters" is here. However, is the movie going to be good or is it going to be worse?


The movie is here! It's showtime! And I forget how much I love to murder:Kirby
— Video description


Sonic & Tails' new movie "Two Bad Characters" finally premieres, and all of Sonic & Tails' friends and family are there. During when Sonic in the movie mocks his relationship with Amy Rose (exclaming "I'm gonna let Justin f****** Beaver was here right on Dreamcast stock, ring-a-ding-dong!"), Sonic suspiscously walks into the boiler room, while Tails (seeing Sonic run into the room) comes in as well to see what is his problem. The door is then seems to be stuck and while hearing screams of fright, Sonic reveals to Tails that he staged the entire premiere as a way to get revenge on Tails for ruining his life, meaning that he actually let Tails be "Player 1". The boiler room then explodes when Sonic obviously urinates in it, since he said that he was gonna take a piss in the boiler, and the two are being blasted into space. The episode ends when a light shined down on them. Let's do what we're good at fucking shit up

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