“Now our new enemy wants to kill us, saw that one coming.” — Tails

Sonic For Hire: The War: Part One is the eighth episode of the third season of the Sonic For Hire series and is the thirty-fourth episode overall. In this episode, Darth Vader arrives and challenges Sonic and the mob family.


Another mob family has had enough of Sonic.
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Sonic is relaxing at his desk (having recovered from the tank incident), boasting that he has really gotten the hang of being a crime lord, and saying that nothing else could possibly go wrong. Tails, aware of status quo, states that something should be going wrong by now. As soon as the words leave his mouth, the wall explodes, and through the smoke emerges Darth Vader of Star Wars, accompanied by 2 Stormtroopers. Tails states that he has seen this coming. Vader tells Sonic that he has been waiting for him, only for the hedgehog to assume that he was supposed to pick him up somewhere. Only for the former Jedi to state that Sonic is destined to complete the circle. Sonic initially thinks that he now has the Force, and demands that tails crash an X-Wing into a swamp and find Sonic a hot sister to make out with. The Sith Lord tells Sonic that he has no Force ( to the point of being called negative Force). He states that he has arrived because Sonic's crime family has been making noise on the blogs of the Imperial Empire, and is here to teach him a lesson. Tails assumes that Vader is here to kill them, again stating he saw it coming. Sonic is rather apathetic to the situation, as he previously went through it with Mario. Vader then approaches the carbonite-frozen Dominique Wilkins. When Sonic pleads Vader to just leave it alone, Vader mischievously unfreezes him and watches him stumble around from the hibernation sickness. Sonic is fully enraged and vows that Vader and his family will be destroyed. Vader declares that he and Sonic will solve their problems the same way mob families throughout history have: a healthy game of Family Feud. The episode ends when Sonic asks Tails, through gritted teeth "Did you see this one coming, dipshit?"

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  • This is the first Sonic For Hire episode to depict characters and elements from Disney Interactive Studios.