“If you're in Las Vegas and eat chicken caesar salad, and find out that it gives you the shits, but you're stuck walking the strip and almost crap behind some bushes, then you run into a casino and bust down the stall door and shit all over the place!” — Soniqua

Sonic For Hire: The War: Part Two is the ninth episode of the third season of the Sonic For Hire series and is the thirty-fifth episode overall. In this episode, Sonic's mob takes on the Empire in Family Feud.


The episode begins where The War: Part One left off. Sonic, Vader, and their mob families are on the set of Family Feud. An announcer introduces former host Louie Anderson. After only a couple seconds of talking, Darth Vader Force-chokes him to death, claiming that he refuses to hear his grating voice all day. The announcer then introduces current host Steve Harvey. Darth introduces his family: his son Luke and three random Stormtroopers. As the Dark Sider nearly chokes Harvey for weakly insulting him, Sonic introduces his team: His sister Chloe, her husband Lamar, Fat piece of shit, and Soniqua.

Sonic and Vader have very different answering strategies. For example, the first question is to name an appliance one receives from a bridal registry. Sonic correctly guesses Cuisinart and Vader randomly answers "lightsaber". The competitors feud for round upon round, with Vader killing his Stormtroopers all the while. Steve Harvey tells the Hedgehogs that they can steal points and win the game if they name a type of emergency. Tails tells Sonic to answer "flooding".

Soniqua then interrupts her father's answer to tell what she considers a poop joke. Incredibly, the punchline she delivers happens to be, word for word, the top answer on the board, making Sonic and his pals the winners. Darth is furious at his loss and tries to Force choke Sonic. The still blind Dominique Wilkins wanders onto the set, and chucks Vader into the "Family Feud Core Reactor", causing the studio to explode. The episode ends with everybody returning to the office and celebrating even more, with Sonic observing Force ghosts of Mario, Darth Vader, and Louie Anderson, the last of which is inhaled by Kirby, all set to an 8-bit rendition of "Yub Nub" from Return of the Jedi.

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