Announcer: And let's introduce our host: Louie Anderson!

Louie: All right, so let's meet the fa-

[Louie gets force choked by Darth Vader and dies.]

Darth: I'm not about to listen to that guy's voice for this entire day. I have force-seen it.

Announcer: And... let's introduce our host: Steve Harvey!

Steve: Let's get this motherfucker started before I get choked out. Who'd you bring today, Darth?

Darth: I've got, uhh… a random Stormtrooper, another random Stormtrooper, my son Luke, who is a constant disappointment, and another random Stormtrooper.

Steve: Well that's a hell of a family you got there… [gets force choked by Darth Vader.] That's good. [Steve is strained.] And your opponent is the Hedgehogs. Sonic, introduce us to your family.

Sonic: I know you know my sister Kloe, her husband LaMarr, there's fat piece of shit, and on the end is my illegitimate daughter thingy Soniqua.

Steve: Where the fuck do we find these families?! Top six answers on the board. Name a household plant you receive in your bridal registry.

Darth: [rings in] Lightsaber!

Steve: Show us lightsaber! [buzzes wrong]

Darth: Bullshit!

Steve: Sonic!

Sonic: Cuisinart!

Steve: Show me cuisinart! [bongs right]

Darth: Dammit!

[Darth kills a Stormtrooper to the wall. Tails and another Stormtrooper get their turns. The Stormtrooper gets a correct answer under the name "Lisp & Assholes". The Hedgehogs get a correct answer under the name "Podiatrist". Even another Stormtrooper gets a wrong answer and gets killed.]

Steve: Alright, you can steal the points and win with a correct answer. Name a type of emergency.

Sonic: Alright, gotta be an emergency.

Tails: Uh, flooding… [Eggman says, "I have no idea," while Soniqua clears her throat.] …is a type of emergency.

Sonic: That's good, that's good, good. I think we got it. Alright, Cedric the Entertainer, I think we got it! We're gonna go in—

[Soniqua has interrupted a discussion to tell a fart joke.]

Soniqua: If you're in Las Vegas and eat chicken caesar salad, and find out that, it gives you the shits, but you're stuck walking the strip, and almost crap behind some bushes, then you run into a casino and bust down the stall door, and shit all over the place!


[Vader begins to force choke Sonic.]

Dominique Wilkins: Spud? Spud, is that you?

[Dominique picks up Darth while he is busy force choking Sonic.]

Darth: Wh-what? Put me down! [Dominique flings Darth into the Family Feud core reactor.] No, not again, NOOOO!

[The whole building explodes. Later on, Sonic and the gang were having a rave at Mario's place. Sonic repeatedly squats and stands while drinking a bottle of beer. The ghosts of Louie Anderson, Mario and Darth are seen. They are initially seen waving, and Kirby comes by and swallows Anderson's ghost.]

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