Sonic For Hire: Things Get Messy is the eleventh episode of the sixth season of the Sonic For Hire series and is the seventy-sixth episode overall. In this Tails, Jim and Eggman attempt to take three time machines to save Sonic, but only messed things up even more. Now, Tails is tall, Eggman's a baby, Jim's a Yoshi and Sonic has become Wario. What's next?


With the Epic destroyed, Tails, Eggman, and Jim go to Lucca and ask her for another time machine so they could save Sonic. Lucca reluctantly takes the three to Chorno's time machine garage where there are several machines for the three. While Eggman figures that there was enough for each of them to use, Tails was concerned that using all of them could fuck the space time continuum even more until Jim suggests that they all use their's to go to the exact point where Sonic got murdered by Mario.

After a time travel trip, Tails is back in the mansion with long limbs, Eggman is now a baby, and Jim is now a Yoshi. Because of those changes, the three realized that neither of them went with the plan. However, Sonic appears behind them alive and well and reveals that whatever they did revived him and he woke up with a chicken in his mouth. Before Tails can figure out a plan, multiple events happen behind them until they're back in Sonic's apartment. While Sonic is willing to forget about what just happened and get Thai food, Jim wants to fix this. At first, Sonic is against it as it could screw them even more, but after being turned into Wario, he reluctantly agrees.

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