Sonic For Hire: Toad was the seventh episode of the second season of the Sonic For Hire series and is the twentieth episode overall. After getting bailed out of jail by Mario, Sonic is forced to work for him in order to pay off the debt.


Sonic is in Mario's office, asking if he is still a plumber, as he could have fixed Eggman's toilet for him. Mario shuts Sonic up and tells him that he will be doing some jobs for him to work himself out of debt. He also tells him that he and his goons will kill Tails if he fucks up. Both are apathetic to this news as Sonic wouldn't care if Tails dies. Mario then gives Sonic his first assignment: find Toad and murder him. When asked why he wants him dead, Mario tells him that he was supposed to be guarding the princess, but has been slipping up as of late. With the news in mind, Sonic bids "Meatball" farewell, with both Mario and Tails admitting he is an asshole. Sonic makes his way to Super Mario Bros. 2, in the land of Subcon. Sonic comes across Toad "face-sexing" Birdo. Toad explains that he and Birdo are in love and violently tells the hedgehog to leave under the threat of lifting and throwing him. Sonic explains that he was sent by Mario to kill Toad for slacking off. Toad mocks Sonic for obeying Mario's commands. Toad continues to do this until Sonic shoots him in the face. Sonic happily boasts that he completed his job with no witnesses... and abuses that fact to score face-sex with Birdo.

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