"Toe Jam & Earl" is the third episode of the first season of the Sonic For Hire series. In this episode, Sonic gets a job from Toe Jam & Earl which involves capturing humans.


Sonic is tasked by the duo Toe Jam & Earl ( of Toe-Jam & Earl ) to capture humans by trapping them inside jars. Sonic happily claims this as the best job ever and becomes overjoyed when he finds out that the job pays "a billion, trillion, Funkatron bucks" (which converts up to "a zillion US dollars"). As Sonic cheers himself for his success, it turns out that the whole experience was a hallucination from being high and gets woken up by Tails. Sonic claims that he has Tails' rent money, but Tails states that he got high on acid four days ago, wandered off, mistook a garbage bag and busted office chair as Toe Jam & Earl, and injured several bystanders by throwing glass jars at them. Finally snapping back into reality, Sonic leaves the area with Tails before the cops can arrive and question him.

Character Appearing

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