Sonic For Hire: Two Bad Characters is the tenth episode of the fourth season of the Sonic For Hire series and is the forty-ninth episode overall. In this episode, Sonic and Kirby meet up with Tails to discuss about the upcoming movie titled "Tails and Sonic: Two Bad Characters".


Sonic and Kirby are having brunch in the trendy Tre Douche restaurant. Sonic voices his opinion on the food, stating it as being better than what is in the dumpster. Kirby tells him to get used to it, stating that his dumpster diving days are over (for now). A waiter appears to ask if they need anything else. To Sonic's surprise, their waiter is none other than Knuckles, wearing a stupid little dickie. Sonic greets his weary friend and asks him how Burgertime has been doing. The echidna states that Sonic burned his former eatery to the ground with a crack pipe approximately nine episodes ago, and he now has to serve pretentious assholes like himself, asking Sonic if he knows how hard it is to wait tables with boxing gloves on. Sonic then asks for some water, prompting Knuckles to say that he will murder him one day. Sonic then asks Kirby how pre-production of his movie is coming along. Kirby says that audiences want authenticity, and this means getting the gang back together, starting with Jim and Eggman. Sonic sarcastically rebukes that pulling the two out of a mountain of tits and cocaine should be easy. Sonic also mentions thinking about Tails for a while. Who else shows up but old Two Tails himself. After commenting on Kirby's weight change and cracking a joke at Sonic's expense, Tails asks his friend if he wants to make a movie. Sonic's answer is to pull out his gun and riddle the fox with bullets. It is revealed that Tails' death was a sadistic daydream of Sonic's. When actually asked about that movie, he agrees. He reveals that what he has been thinking about is giving Tails top billing, even changing the title of the movie to Tails and Sonic: Two Bad Characters. Kirby instantly loves the idea, though Tails is suspicious. Sonic brushes the accusations off with a simple reason: to make this the biggest movie of all time. Tails eventually agrees with the status of Player One. Everyone parties at this new deal, even Knuckles, who awkwardly invites himself into the conversation, before sadly accepting that he is not in the movie.

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