Hi, I am new here and I want to say SFH helped me through depression with its witty humor. Several people uploaded a three hour video of Sonic For Hire, and it remained on YouTube for sometime, before Machimina turned into huge dicks and took them down. I cannot find SFH complete anywhere. I can only find bits of them. Even if I was able to find the series on YouTube and merge them together, they're lacking the Mortal Kombat inbetweens and some extra parts.

I contacted a youtuber who made the best compilation(one taken down) and he claims to have it on his computer, but has failed to send it to me despite his promises. I have tried to find people to hack past the 'video is blocked because of copyright' but nobody has helped me.

So I have some questions which would be very helpful if anyone knows

  • Does anyone have the full three hour video downloaded by chance? Including the sections inbetween with the pixel characters vs MK characters? As well as the 'next time on Sonic For Hire' bits?
  • If not does anyone know where I could find and download these fully?
  • This might be an odd question, but does anyone maybe know where the SFH originated from? If I had a link I could combine the bits myself

-- thank you for reading if anyone did. Sonic for hire is a big part of my past and it really helped me through suicide and depression with its witty humor. I'd love to watch it fully, three hours, again.

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