Sonic: Why are we still in this sewer? Everything here's poo.

Tails: Hey, you said you wanted some answers, so that's where we're going.

Sonic: I say I want a lot of things! A robot butler, a fried chicken sandwich with chicken for bread, world peace, world domination, chocolate and peanut butter fig newtons, an orgy with the US women's Olympic volley ball team...

Tails: Alright! What the hell's your point?

Sonic: My point is I'm lazy and I change my mind a lot. And now I wanna go home and take a nap.

Eggman: And now I wanna go home and eat 30 of those chicken sandwich things you were talking about before.

Earthworm Jim: Tails, maybe if you just told us where we're going, it might help.

Tails: We're gonna go see someone who's had some experience with fucking up video games.

Eggman: So we're just giving up on the whole chicken sandwich thing? Alright, onto plan B.

Tails: Alright, here we are.

Sonic: Oh no, I'm not talking to this asshole!

Earthworm Jim: What are you talking about? Everyone loves Wreck-It Ralph.

Tails: Yeah, he and Sonic had a bit of a falling out.

Sonic: Falling out? No no no, that big fisted fucker screwed me over!

Eggman: That's gotta... Gotta hurt in the butt.

Sonic: What? No, not like that! When I needed a place to live, did he invite me into his game? No! He lets that weirdo Q-Bert and a bunch of fucking no-names crash, but not me? Fuck him!

Eggman: Oh, I'm sure he didn't mean it. Ralph's a good guy! Plus, he always had cake. So, you know, you should go get some cake.

Sonic: He can stick that cake straight up his ass!

Eggman: I'd still eat it.

Earthworm Jim: I'm kinda sold on this cake now.

Tails: Enough about the cake! Sonic, tough shit, but we need Ralph's help, so just be cool.

Ralph: What's going on, guys?

Sonic: Oh no, don't try and be all nice, you piece of shit!

Tails: Ah, you can just... ignore him... So, as I'm sure you'd know, we've had a whole "out of order" thing happened to ourselves and ever since we reset the universe, some funky shit's been going on, like something bigger is messing with us.

Ralph: Bigger, huh? You're talking about the Creator. I think I can help you out.

Sonic: Oh, NOW you want to help? Where were you before, fuck face?

Ralph: What's your problem, man?

Sonic: I'll tell you my problem. You wouldn't let me live in your game, asshole! Now I demand you tell me why!

Ralph: Because you fucked my sister, Wreck-It Roseanne!

Sonic: Oh right... Shit... Hey, Rosie. So, switching topics, tell us about this Creator.

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