Sonic For Hire: Wrestlemania is the tenth episode of the third season of the Sonic For Hire series and is the thirty-sixth episode overall. In this episode, the girls in Sonic's life fight for his affection in a wrestling match.


Following the events of The War: Part 2, Sonic is regaining consciousness from the party the gang threw. He happens to be right across from his former girlfriend, Amy Rose. The two happened to have engaged in drunken sex the night before, with Amy jamming a beer up Sonic's ass and drinking it. She then admits how she always wanted this to happen. Mother Brain also happens to be in the room, having arrived to pick up Soniqua, who is not hungover after drinking an entire bat. The Whip Woman from Double Dragon also appears, stating that she is up for more sex with Sonic after their Indian restaurant bathroom encounter. Link also enters, introducing a newly made over Princess Peach, stating that she is ready to be bound and gagged. All four woman begin arguing fiercely when Sonic tells them all to shut up. He then states that everyone will be working the problem out like civilized adults. The scene then changes to WWF Wrestlemania, with all the ladies in the ring. Sonic states that while he originally wanted all the girls out of his office, he now wishes to see them battle for his amusement. What follows is a major catfight that leaves the Whip Woman crushed and Peach and Mother Brain flown out of the ring. Amy celebrates her victory by stating that she wished for this to happen as well. Sonic bluntly admits that he just wanted the girls to duke it out for him and halfheartedly lies that he is gay as he and Tails leave. Soniqua then comes out of nowhere and brains Amy with a steel chair.

Characters Appearing


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